Worst atmosphere because of Irving? Brooklyn Unknown Guards 44, 29 Explosion

Opportunities belong to those who are prepared.
The Brooklyn Nets won 125-123 in a game against the Washington Wizards in the 2022-2023 NBA regular season held at Barclays Center on the 5th (Korean time).

It was a come-from-behind victory by 20 points. It was a meaningful victory in the most chaotic atmosphere. Brooklyn is in a state of great shock when Kyrie Irving, the team’s starting point guard, requested a trade on the 4th. Irving missed the game that day.

At the beginning of the game against Washington, Brooklyn fully realized the chaotic atmosphere and fell behind with a large score difference. However, for the players who had only been on the bench, this match was a golden opportunity. The two well-prepared players succeeded in creating the game of life by perfectly seizing the golden opportunity that came.

The first protagonist is Edmund Sumner, who played as the starting point guard instead of Irving. He was nominated by Indiana in the second round of the 2017 draft, but was released in 2021 without leaving any outstanding performance, and is a player who has been playing for Brooklyn since 2022. His all-season records were 6.6 points and 1.3 assists per game. He was an average backup guard.

But when he became the starting pitcher, he became a completely different player. Sumner wiped out Irving’s gap by sweeping 29 points, a personal career high. The outside shot, which was always cited as a weakness, was sluggish that day as well. He only made 2 out of 9 shots. But he had a definite advantage of breaking through. Through this, he not only scored simple breakthrough points, but also led countless free throws, adding 9 points only with free throws.

There was another unknown guard who was more impressive than that. Guard Cam Thomas from the 2021 draft is the main character. After being named by Brooklyn in 2021, Thomas is a resource who has spent his career primarily with the Brooklyn G League team, the Long Island Nets.

Thomas, like Summer, is also a backup guard who is averaging 7.4 points this season. He left a strong impression by exploding 44 points in the game that day. He threw 23 field goals and scored 16 hits. He threw 5 3-pointers and made 4 of them. 안전놀이터

Thomas’ previous career high was 33 points, but Thomas was able to reach his personal career high by completely surpassing it on this day.

Despite Irving’s sudden absence, Brooklyn won a come-from-behind victory over Washington by 20 points thanks to the life game of two unknown guards. He won 32 wins (20 losses) this season.

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