With a new trend… Busan, ‘Open Training Day’ with fans

Busan I’Park successfully completed the Open Training Day event with fans.

The Busan club held an open training day with 150 fans at the clubhouse in Gangseo-gu, Busan at 2:00 pm on the 19th.

This event was held with the purpose of allowing the players and fans who had prepared for the season solidly through overseas field training and domestic winter training to meet up close before the league opening and strengthen their will together.

The event was largely divided into Part 1 and Part 2. In the first part, the team’s open training lasted about an hour. The fans who gathered on this day watched the athletes sweat and train right next to them from the seats prepared on one side of the natural grass field. Every time the players exchanged passes with each other or scored a goal during shooting drills, cheers erupted from the crowd.

After the training, we had time to hear from the players and listen to their determination for the upcoming season. First, Busan IPark CEO Kim Byung-seok said, “I prepared really hard this year. Both the team and the secretariat will do their best to achieve promotion. There will be difficult times this season, but we will continue to move forward, so I hope you will support us until the end.”

Captain Lee Han-do then showed a short but firm determination, saying, “Thank you for coming to many people, and I will see you with good performance and results.” Park Jong-woo, who signed a renewal contract in January and is with Busan again this year, also revealed his thoughts, saying, “I admit that we haven’t done much in the past two years, and this year I will do my best to play hard. If you come to the stadium a lot, I will show you my efforts and fighting spirit.”

Then, for the fans who visited the clubhouse and supported them despite the cold weather, they held a lottery for 10 members of the team, including Hyukkyu Kwon and Chan Kim. 먹튀검증 Various cherished items such as soccer shoes, uniforms, and hats appeared as prizes, inflating fans’ expectations. Cheers and sighs of regret flowed out from here and there whenever a player presented a prize to a fan who won a lottery.

With COVID-19 quarantine measures being eased and each K-League club holding a launch ceremony with fans after a long time, the trend of this year’s launch ceremony was by far ‘open training’. Many clubs, including Ulsan, Jeonbuk, and Chungnam Asan, held an open training day, which was different from the previous grand opening ceremony.

Meanwhile, Busan, which successfully finished the event, will welcome the 2023 season starting with an away game against Cheonan City FC on March 1st.

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