Will Son Heung-min stay at Tottenham? Acting Mason “Sonny is excellent at taking care of her body… I will enjoy my prime until my late 30s”

Will Son Heung-min (31, Tottenham) continue to play for Tottenham despite being unemployed?

Tottenham will face the home team Liverpool in the ‘2022-2023 season Premier League Round 34’ held at Anfield, Liverpool, England on May 1. With 54 points, Tottenham is 5th in the league. Liverpool (53 points) is 7th. This match could change the standings of the two teams.

Son Heung-min scored a dramatic equalizer in the second half against Manchester United on the 28th, leading to a 2-2 draw. Son Heung-min, who scored the 9th goal in the league, challenges Liverpool to score 10 goals for 7 consecutive seasons. 메이저놀이터

In 2021, Son Heung-min signed a four-year contract with Tottenham. As rumors of Harry Kane’s transfer this summer ignited, the future of Son Heung-min is also uncertain. If Kane transfers this summer, will Son Heung-min remain at Tottenham?

Acting coach Ryan Mason said, “Sonny is the most important team player. Right now, it is important to finish this season. I can’t say anything about the future in 2-3 years. You never know what will happen this summer.”

Mason continued, “Sports science and nutrition are getting better by the day. Some players can maintain peak performance until the age of 37. The same goes for our best players,” predicting that Son Heung-min, who has excellent body management, will enjoy his heyday until his late 30s.

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