Who is the best ‘reconnaissance member’ who assisted the emperor?

The LPL ended the 10th anniversary spring that was like fireworks.

In the 2023 LPL Spring, which announced the rise of a new emperor called Jingdong Gaming, in addition to the two heroes reminiscent of Liu Bei and Guan Yu, Lü Bu, who could not be stopped by force, and the element of self-control of the aristocrats who showed off their quiet but overwhelming power, can be seen throughout the year. Numerous heroes passed by.

The heroes to be introduced this time are supporters who light the way before the main unit and support the smooth attack of key combatants. In terms of the Three Kingdoms, he is the most suitable talent for Cao In, who lighted the way before Cao Cao, acted separately from Cao Cao, and conveyed the plan to Cao Cao.

In this ranking by index, weights by position and playoff performance are all reflected, and players with less than 10 games played in the playoffs and regular season are excluded from the index. 안전놀이터

However, since the number is too large, no chart other than the combined score of the ranked players is presented.

– KDA (100 points)

Of course, Missing Lu Wenfeng of JDG Gaming (JDG), who assisted the ruler, rose to the top of the leaderboard with a KDA of 5.27. Missing averaged 0.8 kills (tied for 6th) and 2.2 deaths (3rd), and recorded 10.8 assists (1st), taking first place in total.

Mark Lingshi (KDA 4.86) of Top Esports (TES) came second, and Zuo (KDA 4.65) of Ninjas in Pajamas (NIP) came in third. It was thanks to Mark’s record of second in least death (2.1) and Juo’s first in least death (2).

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