Tottenham out of the FA Cup after losing 0-1 to Sheffield United

Benjamin Franklin famously said that only two things are certain in this life: Death and taxes. Had he been alive 200 years later, the great American statesman might have added Tottenham Hotspur blowing yet another trophy opportunity.

famously: famously statesman: politician blow: to blow (to the wind)

Benjamin Franklin famously said that only two things are certain in life: death and taxes. I’d add that if the great American statesman were alive today, 200 years from now, it’s also certain that Tottenham Hotspur will blow their chances at winning trophies.

Spurs lost 1-0 to Sheffield United in the fifth round of the FA Cup on Wednesday, getting knocked out of the competition by a Championship side instead of dominating what should have been a very predictable game.

knock out of: to drop out of, dominate: to dominate Championship: championship (second division of English football) predictable: predictable, too obvious

Tottenham failed to dominate what should have been the obvious outcome in the fifth round of the FA Cup against championship side Sheffield United on Wednesday, instead knocking them out of the FA Cup with a 0-1 defeat.

Tottenham dominated for the majority of the match at Bramall Lane in Sheffield, but they failed to do anything with the possession. Attempts on goals were few and far between and a lot of touches were wasted with poor passes and bad decision making.

majority: most possession: possession few and far between: very few attempts on goal: attempts to shoot inside the basket poor: sloppy, poor decision making: action decisions

Tottenham dominated much of the game at Bramall Lane in Sheffield, England. However, despite having possession of the ball, nothing could be done. There were very few shots into the net and a lot of ball touches were wasted due to poor passing and bad decisions. 베팅룸 토토

Tottenham last won the FA Cup in 1991 and have failed to make it past the fifth round for the last five seasons. Last year they were knocked out in the fifth round by second-division Middlesbrough, in 2021 by Everton and in 2020 by Norwich City. make it past: make it past second-division: second-division Tottenham last won the FA Cup in 1991, and in the last five seasons they have never progressed past the fifth round in the FA Cup. In the 5th round of last year’s FA Cup, it was eliminated by defeating second division team Middlesbrough, Everton in 2021 and Norwich City in 2020.

With the Carabao Cup already completed and Spurs now knocked out of the FA Cup, the London club remains active in two major competitions: The Premier League and the UEFA Champions League.

remain: remain, survive UEFA: Confederation of European Football Associations

The Carabao Cup has already ended, and Tottenham, which was eliminated from the FA Cup, currently have two major competitions left: the English Premier League and UEFA (European Football Federation) Champions League.

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