Toronto’s Rogers Center pulls the fence… good for lefties

The Toronto Blue Jays, the team belonging to Ryu Hyun-jin (36), pulls the outfield fence of the home stadium.

Canadian broadcaster TSN reported on its Internet page on the 22nd (Korean time), “The distance of the outfield fence at the Home Rogers Center, which is currently being renovated, will be shortened. In particular, it will be advantageous for left-handed hitters.” 안전놀이터

TSN said, “After the renovation, the distance between the Rogers Center’s home plate and the outfield fence will be 400 feet (about 122m) to 397 feet (about 121m) in the center, 375 feet (about 114m) to 366 feet (about 111.5m) in the middle left, and 375 feet (about 111.5m) in the middle right. ft (approximately 114m) to 357 feet (approximately 109m),” he added.

The media predicted, “The Toronto club wants to protect the pitcher by raising the height of the fence from 10 feet (about 305 cm) to 15 feet (about 457 cm), but in the end it will be a favorable result for the hitters.”

CBS Sports said, “Over the past three seasons, the Rogers Center has averaged about average runs among major league parks. However, the home run production rate was about 8% higher than average, and there were slightly more home runs by right-handed hitters.” It will give Toronto left-handed hitters like Basso, Brandon Belt and Kevin Kiermeier an advantage.”

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