‘This is the perfect hat-trick textbook’ → Benzema, ‘three goals in a row’ only in the first half → April 3rd ‘great record’

Spanish La Liga Real Madrid won 4-2 against Almeria held at the Santiago Bernabéu in Madrid early on the 30th. Real Madrid, which is in second place in the league, seemed to easily beat Almeria, which was in 15th place, but Almeria also persistently followed and harassed Real Madrid.

In this match, Karim Benzema scored three goals in a row in the 5th, 17th, and 42nd minutes of the first half to create a hat-trick. The other goal was scored by Rodrygo in extra time in the first half.

England’s The Sun attached great significance to Benzema’s hat-trick. After the game, The Sun reported that he scored a ‘remarkable hat-trick’ in the 42nd minute of the first half.

Why is Benzema’s hat-trick a surprising and unusual hat-trick? Why did The Sun say it was a ‘perfect’ hat-trick?

A hat-trick in soccer means scoring three goals in one match. However, the line explains that some European leagues do not count such goals as hat-tricks.

In Germany and Austria, all goals must be scored in a row. And in the first half, it is considered a hat-trick only if three or more goals are scored in the first half, and in the second half, in the second half.

This is why Benzema’s hat-trick in this match was perfect. This is because the team scored three goals in the first half alone, no other player scored in the middle, and only Benzema scored three goals in a row. It’s a ‘perfect hat-trick’.

In particular, Benzema recorded his third hat-trick this month alone, including the hat-trick that day. He scored three goals against Barcelona in the 6-0 win over Valladolid on the 2nd and the Copa del Rey on the 6th. 크크크벳

Benzema has scored 26 goals in 36 matches this season. In La Liga, he chased Robert Lewandowski of Barcelona, ​​who is in first place with his 17th goal, by two goals.

Regarding his outstanding performance in April, Real Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti said, “I admired Benzema’s form. Benzema is back. I applauded Benzema’s form to the point of asking, “Why not if Benzema receives another Ballon d’Or?”

Meanwhile, Real Madrid will face Manchester City in the Champions League semi-final first round on May 10. The second leg will be held at Ethard Stadium on the 18th.

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