“That’s how I saw the Mbappe special” Asan “Minbappe” Park’s fantastic dribbling goal backdrop

Chungnam Asan captain Park Se-jik has revealed that there was a “Mbappe highlight” behind Park Min-seo’s wonder goal.

At 4 p.m. on the 25th, Asan defeated Ansan 1-0 in the 18th round of the ‘Hana OneQ K League 2 2023’ at Asan’s Yi Sunshin Sports Complex. With the three points, Asan moved up to ninth place with 21 points.

Captain Park Se-jik spoke to the media after the game, saying, “After the disappointing loss against Gyeongnam, we increased our training intensity during the two-week break and talked about a lot of things that need to be improved. I feel like it paid off today, so I feel good,” he said after the victory.

However, Park Dong-hyuk said in the post-match press conference that he was not satisfied with the second half performance. He said, “We didn’t intentionally play defense. It’s because we made mistakes in the second half and didn’t capitalize on our counterattacks. Since it was a one-goal deficit, Ansan attacked more aggressively, so there was a feeling of being pushed back.” “I think the coach saw the second half performance as bad because of that part. The players agree,” he analyzed.

Park also said that senior players such as Park Se-jik should show a stronger character on the field. Park said, “The coach calls out to us loudly and strongly. I, as well as the players, try to match his style by shouting at each other and speaking strongly when we make mistakes.”

When asked what they talked about after the game, he said, “When Ansan pressed forward. We talked about how we did so well in terms of scoring, shots on goal, and passing numbers. However, we had a lot of goal chances, and I told them that we can win the next game if we have more focus on finishing.”

On the day, Asan striker Park Min-seo sprinted more than 50 meters alone to score the first goal. “When I entered the locker room, my brothers said, ‘Son Heung-min,’ and ‘Mbappe,'” Park said in an interview with Suhun.

Park Se-jik added, “Min-seo used to 메이저놀이터 watch Mbappe videos for 10 minutes on game days, so I’m happy that the effect has finally come. We teased each other, ‘Minbappe,’ but I didn’t expect him to actually dribble more than 50 meters and score, so I’m very excited and happy.” “It seems like he mainly watches videos of dribble breaks and goals. I don’t think there are any passing videos,” he laughed.

Chungnam Asan has been successful in adding foreign strikers this summer. Coach Park Dong-hyuk himself revealed that two players from South America will join the team. “We know what kind of players they are and what type of players they are,” Park said. If such players come, I plan to help them adapt quickly as a captain,” Park said, adding that he was looking forward to their arrival.

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