Suwon Samsung, reversed with ‘half real blue’… Joo Seung-jin scout → chief coach ‘internal promotion’ strong

It seems that there will be an internal promotion for the new head coach position of Suwon Samsung professional soccer team. The ‘Real Blue’ keynote that caused Suwon to fail is not expected to be broken.

A football source said on the 3rd, “It is highly likely that Suwon scout Joo Seung-jin will join Suwon as head coach.”

Scout Joo Seung-jin, who was a defender during his active career, debuted in 1998 at Busan Royals, the predecessor of Busan I-Park, played for Daejeon Citizen (2003-2008) and returned to Busan in 2009 to end his playing career.

After retiring, scout Joo Seung-jin walked the path of a leader, starting with the coaching position of his ‘alma mater’ Jeonju Technical High School. Afterwards, in 2010, he was inaugurated as a coach at Maetan Middle School, a U-15 team in Suwon, and was promoted to head coach in 2012. After going through Maetan High School, he served as Suwon Youth General Director (2018) ~ Coach (2019-2020) ~ Acting Director (2020).

He has a deep connection with Suwon, and he is facing an ‘internal promotion’. He is scheduled to be put into Suwon, which is going down without a bottom this season.

Suwon, who barely survived last season’s relegation fight, fell into a ‘swamp of no wins’ this time. After playing 10 games in the 2023 season, they are currently in 12th place in the league’last’ with 2 draws and 8 losses and 2 points. The gap with 11th place Gangwon FC (2 wins, 4 draws, 4 losses, 10 points) is 8 points.

On the 17th, when Suwon had no victory in 7 games, it sacked coach Lee Byung-geun after a year and switched to the acting system of Choi Seong-yong, but only suffered 3 more defeats. In an urgent situation, Suwon has reached the end of the process of appointing a new coach. Former Gangwon FC coach Kim Byung-soo is likely, and Suwon plans to make an official announcement within this week at the earliest.

As the ‘internal promotion’ of scout Joo Seung-jin, who has never been disconnected from Suwon for over 10 years, is likely to remain, Suwon’s ‘Real Blue’ keynote roots are expected to remain.

Since 2010, Suwon has entrusted the baton to a ‘Legend’ from the club who understands the club’s identity and direction best. This is why he was called ‘Real Blue’ Suwon. 

Starting with coach Yoon Seong-hyo in 2010, who first took the baton as a player from Suwon, Seo Jeong-won (2013-2018) – Lee Im-saeng (2019-2020) – Park Geon-ha (2020-2022) and Lee Byeong-geun, Suwon’s ‘pure blood’ followed 

‘Real Blue’ is close to failure. This is because during that period, there were no other achievements besides winning the FA Cup three times. The club’s 4 K League 1 championships and 2 Asian Champions League (ACL) championships were all during the days of the first coaches Kim Ho-Cha Bum-geun (1995-2010). 

Rather, ‘Real Blue’ soon passed as ‘front soccer’. At the Suwon front desk, the atmosphere of bringing in an easy-to-handle manager under the guise of serving a manager from a ‘club legend’ was quite strong. This is why it was easy to change the manager if the results were not good. In fact, Suwon has fired three coaches for about five years.

As director Kim Byung-soo, who has ‘no blood in Suwon’, became influential, Suwon seemed to finally shake off the ‘Real Blue’ policy. Coach Kim Byung-soo, who had never played in Suwon during his active career, started his coaching career as a coach at Korea University and went through Yeungnam University, Seoul E-Land FC, and Gangwon FC. 안전놀이터

But is it still the same? The ‘Real Blue’ that has permeated Suwon for about 13 years, but in reality, the policy of ‘front football’ seems to have no sign of disappearing this time around as well. In addition, there is no choice but to follow the question of whether the ‘outsider’ command tower and the ‘half (half) Real Blue’ head coach will show a ‘good sum’.

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