Song Eun-beom contract negotiations back to square one? What is LG’s intention?

What is LG’s intention?

The contract between Song Eun-beom and LG is being delayed again. It seemed to be going fast, but LG’s attitude suddenly changed.

A deal within the week seemed imminent, but the ball moved to next week.

LG and Song Eun-beom had final negotiations on the 3rd.

In the morning of this day, LG released a press release about the breakdown of negotiations. It was announced that they signed a contract with 44 people, excluding Song Eun-beom.

This was the reason for the prospect that the Song Eun-beom contract could be prolonged.

Usually, a press release is issued when there is no room for further negotiations. Announcing that Song Eun-beom’s negotiations had broken down was tantamount to acknowledging that the two sides had a huge difference in their views.

But that afternoon, there were signs of a dramatic change. LG contacted us first and negotiations resumed.

The atmosphere was good.

LG and Song Eun-beom seemed to find a point of agreement by retreating from their arguments little by little. In particular, LG showed a change in its stance and the agreement was able to come closer.

At the end of the negotiations, LG said, “I will report to the top as a step forward. I will let you know the results tomorrow (the 4th) or the day after tomorrow.”

However, until the afternoon of the 5th, there has been no contact.

The plan reported to the upper level may not have passed. A part that was overlooked in the practical line may become a stumbling block in the upper level.

It is not common sense that the call is delayed because of the weekend.

It is because it is too cruel for Song Eun-beom, who is thirsty to conclude the contract. Negotiations can be reached at any time, even on weekends.

Song Eun-beom participated in 25 games this season and recorded 1 win, 1 loss, 2 holds, and an average ERA of 4.05.

It can be said that he successfully returned after undergoing knee ligament rupture surgery in the 2021 season. However, the club took issue with Song Eun-beom’s small number of games.

Since he couldn’t play many games, he figured out that that was the reason for the cut.

Song Eun-beom’s side was in the position that there should be compensation for the vacancy because it was an injury sustained while playing for the team. The two sides didn’t quite agree. 카지노

The club sent a message strong enough to issue a press release on the annual salary contract, excluding Song Eun-beom.

However, after the press release came out, his club’s stance changed. He agreed to make concessions step by step and presented a revised proposal to Song Eun-beom.

Song Eun-beom’s side accepted this and it seemed that his contract was approaching.

But LG suddenly went into silent mode. No one knows yet what this silence means. No one knows whether it is a simple delay or a theory about the negotiation plan.

Song Eun-beom is looking at the phone, but the waiting bell is not ringing. I don’t know LG’s intentions, so only more frustrating time is passing.

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