Soccer fan who sent racist messages sentenced to 4 months in prison + 3 years ban from soccer field

A man who sent a racist message to Brentford striker Ivan Tony has been sentenced to four months in prison.

Foreign media such as the Daily Mirror reported the news on the 14th. The racist message sent to Tony was 24-year-old Antonio Neil. On October 14, 2022, he sent a racist message to Tony’s social media. Tony immediately made this message public. Northumlia Police, where Neil resides, declared the incident a hate crime and launched an investigation and prosecuted. 원벳원 토토

A Newcastle court sentenced Neil to four months in prison. He and he was banned from using social media for two years. He was also restricted from entering the football field for 3 years. He is not allowed to play in the Premier League or the national team in the 5th division.

Brentford said in a statement that they were “pleased that this case has been resolved” and that “there can be no racist conduct in football”.

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