‘Silence in Madrid’ Erling Halan recovers his pride at home + aims for Man City final. 9 goals in 4 home UCL matches

This is a reporter from Sports Chosun.com] The door to the last 90 minutes opens. Manchester City is aiming for the first ever European Champions League (UCL) title. We are leaving the final gateway to the finals. It will be held on the afternoon of the 17th (local time). At the Etihad Stadium in Manchester, England, Manchester City will play Real Madrid in the second leg of the UCL semi-finals. Erling Halan holds the key.

In the first leg held in Madrid a week ago, the two teams drew 1-1. Real Madrid’s Vinicius opened the scoring with a sharp mid-range shot. Manchester City then equalized with a mid-range shot from The Bruiner.

Hollan was silent. Throughout the game, it was blocked by Real Madrid’s defense, including Antonio Rudiger. Isolated and failed to score. A couple of shots also went straight to goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois.

ruined one’s self-esteem You need to recover from the 2nd round. The correct answer is Goal. He aims to restore self-esteem and the team’s pride by scoring. 먹튀검증

The scorer has finished warming up. On the 14th, in an away game against Everton held at Goodison Park in Liverpool, England, Hollan scored his 36th league goal.

confident at home This season, Haalan has appeared in 4 of the 5 UCL matches at home. He only missed the home game against Sevilla, the last match of the group stage, due to injury.

Haalan scored in all four matches. He recorded 9 goals -1 assist in 4 games. In particular, in the round of 16 home game against Leipzig held in March, he scored 5 goals alone, leading the team to a 7-0 victory.

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