‘Romantic Baseball’ Season 2, long hair snipped… Hanhwa Yoon San-heum “It’s important to be cool…”

Yun San-heum (24, Hanwha), who fluttered her long hair, tidied up her hair. Season 2 of ‘Romantic Baseball’ began with Yoon San-heum, who said, “It’s important to be cool, but being good is more important.” 

Yoon San-heum is successfully taking the Pil Seung-jo test in this year’s demonstration game. He has 1 win and 3 holds in 4 games, and is recording 4 hits, 2 walks, 5 strikeouts and no runs in 4 innings. He is already strong enough to reach his highest speed of 150 km. His knuckle curve with a large drop also harmonizes nicely with a fastball that utilizes high and low pitches. 

Yoon San-heum said, “It is the first time I have thrown 150km at this time. I started playing catch ball in mid-December of last year, but I did it about two weeks earlier than usual,” he said. “I wanted to use my body well, so I also did Pilates. I think my speed increased while going to camp and exercising my quickness. Compared to this time last year, it is 1-2 km faster,” he said. 

Although he is 178cm and 74kg tall, Yoon San-heum, an overhand pitcher who strikes from top to bottom, actively utilizes the top and bottom of the strike zone rather than the left and right. He said, “Due to the nature of the ball I throw, the more I use up and down, the more advantageous it is. The coach and catcher hyungs also demand a lot of high fastballs,” he explained. 

Last year, when I was in the 2nd Army, I practiced intensively with catcher Park Sang-eon. Yoon San-heum said, “I throw one or two higher than the catcher’s mitt. If the ball is pressed well, it sometimes lands low,” he said. “Coaches also order not to throw looking at the corner, but to look at the center and throw aggressively only high and low.” A high fastball that leads to a miss is good, but a fastball that rolls low also has the power to freeze batters.  메이저사이트

The 150km is a symbol of a fastball, but it is not easy to show a business card in Hanwha, where fireballers have noticeably increased, including Moon Dong-ju and Kim Seo-hyun, who have joined the team for the past two years, and Han Seung-hyuk, who has been traded. Yoon San-heum laughed, saying, “There are more pitchers with fast balls, so that’s how good they are.” From the time I play catch, I see how to use my strength and practice according to myself.” Even at the young age of 24, Yoon San-heum had many twists and turns in his baseball life. When he was in high school, he went to an independent league because he was not nominated as a professional. He went to the independent league again and took on a professional challenge, and in June 2021, he signed a contract with Hanwha as a foster player. At the end of September of that year, his dream of debuting in the first team came true, and last year, he made his name properly known in the first team with 37 games, 1 win, 1 loss, and an average ERA of 2.67. He boasted an amazing pitch, striking out 46 in 33⅔ innings, and this year, after going through the first team spring camp, he aims to enter the winning group from the start of the season. 

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