‘Remote control controversy’ coach Klinsmann is hard to see…press conference held online

Jürgen Klinsmann, 59, is the head coach of the South Korean national team. He’s not in the country.

Klinsmann, who took over in March, has been in charge for five months, but has only spent about 50 days in the country. He has spent most of his time on vacation in the United States or observing European players in Europe. There is a lot of controversy over whether he has broken his pre-appointment promise to stay in the country.

In June, Klinsmann flew to the U.S. for an almost four-week break after an exhibition match against Peru and El Salvador. After returning home on July 24, Klinsmann spent about a week in the country before flying out again on August 2. It has been unofficially confirmed that he is currently in Europe.

Although there are many problems related to the national team in Korea, Klinsmann seems to be taking care of only overseas players. There is a sense of deprivation in the Korean K League scene that the national team manager is only looking out for overseas players.

The Asian Football Confederation (AFC) held the draw for the second Asian qualifying group for the 2026 World Cup at the AFC headquarters in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, on the afternoon of the 27th of last month. South Korea, ranked 28th in the FIFA rankings, was placed in Group C alongside China, Thailand, and the winner of the Singapore-Guam first qualifier.

However, Klinsmann has yet to comment on the draw or his strategy, in contrast to Hwang Sun-hong, who spoke out as soon as the Asian Games draw was announced on the same day.

As the head coach of the A team, Klinsmann has many issues to coordinate with other coaches, including Lee Kang-in’s call-up to the Asian Games. However, since he is not based in Korea, there are many communication issues.

In September, the Korean national team will face Wales and Saudi Arabia on a European tour. In October, they will face Tunisia at home. Klinsmann plans to stay abroad for the rest of the year and then return to coach the national team in Europe. 메이저사이트

As the controversy over remote coaching intensified, the Korean Football Association called a press conference for Klinsmann on Sunday. However, it was held online. The content of the press conference is not immediately available to fans. The press conference will be organized into groups of journalists. The transcript of the press conference will be available to the public after a certain point on Embargo.

Online press conferences are limited in the ability to hear Klinsmann’s quick answers. There are translation issues and the nuances of the questions may not be conveyed properly. For the media, it’s not easy to communicate with Klinsmann in many ways.

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