‘Recognition of dissatisfaction and inaction of wrong judgement’ Football Association “The 1st trial system is a global trend, Korea should also follow”

I heard the position of the Football Association on the ‘distrust, distrust, and dissatisfaction’ of the elementary school 1st trial. While acknowledging that there was a lack of communication, the Korea Football Association also predicted that there could be confusion right now, but expressed that the elementary school first trial system was a necessary policy for the long-term development of Korean soccer. In particular, it was emphasized that it is a global trend.

A policy that was pushed forward unilaterally without going through a process such as public opinion gathering or public hearing. The Football Association could not deny it either.

The Football Association said, “Earlier this year, we held the ‘2023 U-12 Leaders Conference’ in Daejeon. At this meeting, we mentioned the introduction of a first-choice system to the leaders.” This was all of the communication about the first trial. All members, including leaders, referees, players, and parents, expressed their regret at the lack of communication.

In response, the Korea Football Association said, “We know that field leaders and referees want communication. We admit that the Football Association did not use the communication channel. We made a decision,” he said.

While acknowledging the lack of communication, there are no plans to set up a place for communication for the time being. The Football Association explained, “The Football Association has no plans to hold public hearings or collect public opinion for the time being regarding the introduction of the first referee system. We will observe and decide a little longer.”

◇ Taking no action against the increasing number of false positives

The scene is full of distrust. Leaders, students, and parents do not trust the referee, and the referee is also weakened by their strong and frequent protests. As the number of referees decreased from two to one, the number of misjudgments increased noticeably. This is the biggest problem with the first trial system. is the crux of the conflict. Do you have any workaround for this?

There is virtually no countermeasure from the Football Association. It will take some time for the first trial system to settle down. It is also the logic that trust between leaders, students, parents, and referees can only be built over time. No specific solutions or supplements were suggested. 스포츠토토

The Football Association advised, “We have to wait and see for a long time regarding the increase in misjudgments.” It means that we need to respect each other until the first trial system is established. Even if a mistake comes out, there is currently no other way other than understanding each other.

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