‘Promoted to Division 1’ Gwangju coach Lee Jung-hyo “We will make a team that will not collapse”

“I will make a team that will not collapse no matter what team I stick to.”

Gwangju FC, which has been promoted to the professional soccer K League 1 (1st division), shed a lot of sweat in the winter field training in Chiang Rai, Thailand, foreshadowing a blast in the new season.

Gwangju won last year’s K-League 2 (second division) with overwhelming results and was promoted. With a favorable record of 25 wins, 11 draws and 4 losses, K-League 2 confirmed the championship in the shortest period of time, and set new records for the most wins (25 wins) and the most points (86) in K League 2.

Coach Lee Jung-hyo, who took the baton as a rookie command tower, was recognized for his firm leadership and will lead Gwangju until next year. Expectations in the K-League 1 have also risen.

Manager Lee, who is training in Thailand, said through the club, “(Expectations) seem to have grown a lot. Fortunately, I feel good because I am not ignored. I think I will do it. This year, I feel like going with expectations. I will have to prepare better to live up to expectations.”

In the words of defender Ahn Young-gyu, who won the K-League 2 Most Valuable Player (MVP) award last season, the training is rigorous and high-level enough to say, “It was hard on the body, but the hard time on the head came.”

Regarding this, coach Lee said, “When I trained without the ball, I only had to build my body, but now I am doing tactical training as well. 스포츠토토 It seems that I am having a hard time because I have to use both my body and mind. It is difficult for the players, but it is also difficult for me.” I expected it and continued training like that, so I had to use my brain a lot, so it was hard for me too.”

He continued, “I am not embarrassed by the opponent’s pressure and do not just chase the ball, but I talk a lot about and emphasize the movement for the third person.” do,” he stressed.

Gwangju will play the opening game of the 2023 season against Suwon Samsung on the 25th of next month.

Coach Lee said, “(Suwon) will be very nervous. They will be preparing tremendously. Last season, we lost in the opening game to a new team called Gimpo FC.” I think I will thoroughly analyze and prepare.”

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