‘Opening 6 consecutive wins’ Ulsan, K-League 3, 7 consecutive wins

The champion’s momentum is scary.

Since the start of the 2023 season, there has been no draw or loss in six games. Running for 6 consecutive wins in opening season. Ulsan Hyundai will challenge for a 7-game winning streak this time. This is a record that came out only twice in K-League history (Suwon Samsung in 1998, Seongnam Ilhwa in 2003).

Ulsan will play an away game against Daejeon Hana Citizen in the 7th round of Hana One Q K League 1 2023 at Daejeon World Cup Stadium on the 16th.

The confrontation between Ulsan and Daejeon is the first since October 4, 2015 (0-0 draw). Daejeon stayed in the K-League 2 all the time, so there was no opportunity to face each other, but with Daejeon’s promotion, the first confrontation in 7 years and 6 months was concluded. The previous record is 32 wins, 17 draws, and 11 losses, Ulsan’s advantage.

Opening 6 consecutive wins. Ulsan scored 13 goals in 6 matches and conceded 4 runs.

The score is second after Daejeon (14 goals). Except for the own goal, it is the same as in Daejeon. The score distribution of the attacking team is also even. Rubikson scored 4 goals, Joo Min-gyu scored 3 goals, and Eom Won-sang scored 2 goals. There are no goals here yet, but Bacco and Martin Adam also have explosive power.

Daejeon’s offensive power is also formidable. Thiago, who finished second in scoring (19 goals) in K-League 2 last year, has already scored 4 goals in K-League 1. Daejeon is ranked 4th in the K-League 1 with its hot offense.

However, Ulsan also possesses a strong shield along with a sharp spear. Only 4 runs in 6 matches. This is the lowest among the 12 clubs. The defense line, supported by goalkeeper Cho Hyeon-woo and national team defenders Kim Young-kwon and Jung Seung-hyun, is also the strongest. 스포츠토토

Jung Seung-hyun said, “I will show what kind of team is the K-League 1 winning team against Daejeon, which we meet again after 8 years.” Jeong Seung-hyun is the only Ulsan player who experienced the last confrontation with Daejeon in October 2015. Another one is Kim Tae-hwan.

On the other hand, Daejeon has conceded 11 runs in 6 games. The defense is shaking, including 5 runs against Suwon FC. The only team that lost more goals than Daejeon was 9th place Incheon United (12 goals).

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