Oh Hyun-gyu’s farewell message “My heart is heavy to leave… I’ll give you good news”

Oh Hyun-kyu, who left his beloved Suwon Samsung and challenged the European stage, said his last goodbye to the fans.

On the 25th, Hyungyu Oh said goodbye and thanked the fans through Suwon Samsung’s YouTube channel, ‘Suwon Samsung Bluewings TV’.

Suwon announced on the club’s official Instagram account that Oh Hyun-kyu had transferred to Celtic, a prestigious club in Scotland. Celtic also announced his move to Europe around the same time.

Oh Hyun-gyu, who leaves Suwon, where he has been playing since his youth, conducted an interview to say goodbye to Suwon fans before heading to Celtic.

Hyungyu Oh expressed his determination, saying, “This is how I moved my team to Celtic. Just as I am challenging Europe (stage) for the first time, 스포츠토토 I will do my best to give fans better news as soon as possible and work hard to adapt quickly.”

“(Suwon) is not a place where I grew up since I was young, but since I lived here in Suwon from middle and high school to my professional life, I think of it as my hometown, and while living with people who are like family, I really learned a lot and had a lot of good times, but I’m leaving like this. My heart is very heavy,” he added.

I also thanked the Suwon fans, “I went to the army after I joined in 2020, and I think I started properly wearing the Suwon Samsung uniform from last season, but I received a good opportunity and thanks to the fans, I was able to challenge Europe. said goodbye

He also said, “I will always cheer and watch from afar so that Suwon Samsung can achieve better results this season.”

Oh Hyun-kyu joined Celtic and debuted as the third Korean soccer player in Celtic club history, following senior national team seniors Ki Sung-yong and Cha Duo.

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