Now I want to be quiet… Another ‘school violence’ troublesome Agu-gye

Controversy over ‘school violence’ broke out again because it was easy to forget, a headache in the baseball world.

I wanted to be quiet for a while, but it exploded again. The issue of school violence in baseball continues.

This time, he is the son of the team leader. Since he is not a direct perpetrator, it remains to be seen whether he will serve as the general manager, but if the violence problem is confirmed as fact, he is expected to have significant restrictions on his activities in the professional baseball field.

‘KBS’ reported that the son of a high school baseball player, the leader of Team A, continued to bully a student belonging to the same baseball team with some of his peers. Interviews with the parents of the victims were also included. Team A and the head of the team reacted immediately. The school side investigation committee has not yet been held, and it is said that the difference between the two sides is large. If the son’s ‘academic violence’ turns out to be true, he also revealed his intention to take off his son’s uniform.

Of course, as Director Lee said, since the truth has not yet been revealed, it is necessary to approach it carefully. However, the problem itself is that the issue of ‘academic violence’ covers the baseball field and the moment when it seems to be quiet now that another problem has occurred. 체스카지노

Kiwoom Heroes ace Ahn Woo-jin was in the limelight as a ‘super high school level’ pitcher, but he walked the thorny path after his debut due to the issue of ‘academic violence’ being raised during Whimoon High School. He was not even selected for the national team. At least, time passed, and his image improved as he faithfully pursued his career as a player without major problems, but he still lives with the label of ‘academic bullying’.

The Doosan Bears are playing baseball without native ace Lee Young-ha due to the problem of ‘school violence’. When he was at Sunrin Internet High School, along with Kim Dae-hyeon (LG Twins), he harassed his juniors and even went to trial. Kim Dae-hyeon was found not guilty and recently returned to work, and Lee Young-ha will also be sentenced soon. If he is innocent, he can continue his career as an athlete.

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