‘Multi-goal explosion’ ‘Mazinger cheering song’ made Chris laugh…”Superhero robot, I know”

Chris (28, Seongnam FC), who had been quiet for a while, came back to ‘Mazinga’ mode.

Seongnam FC defeated Ansan Greeners 3-0 in the 14th round of Hana One Q K League 2 2023 held at Ansanwa Stadium on the 20th at 4pm. With this, Seongnam ran undefeated in 5 matches (2 wins, 3 draws). The ranking is still in the middle of the 7th place, but the team is getting stronger.

The foreign striker duo made a splash. Chris scored multiple goals and tasted a goal after a long time, and Denilson also shook the net with a fantastic scissor kick. All three goals scored by Seongnam that day came from the tips of the two players.

In particular, Chris showed off his versatility by scoring one goal with his feet and one with his head. In the 23rd minute of the first half, he dug into the space behind the defense and overtook the goalkeeper to score the first goal. In the 18th minute of the second half, he shook the net again by finishing a cross from the right side with a high RBI header.

Chris, whom I met after the game, responded to the interview with a bright expression. After saying hello in Korean, he said, “I didn’t lose in the last 3 games, but there were no wins. I and all the players went into the game with the mindset that we must win unconditionally. That’s why I’m very happy that we won. It’s good to put it in,” he said, expressing his feeling of victory.

It was the first goal scored in about a month and a half after the Jeonnam match on the 8th of last month. Chris said, “It’s true that a lot of time has passed. However, my motto is to work hard with the mindset that you can overcome if you concentrate on what you do consistently even in difficult situations. The coach also always instilled confidence in me. If you do what you do, the results will follow.” He said it would, so I wasn’t worried.”

Chris’ real name is Christy Manzinga. Seongnam fans are cheering him by chanting “Chris Mazinga,” named after the robot Mazinger in a famous animation. It was the same on this day.

When the story of ‘Mazinga cheering song’ came out, Chris said, “I really like it. I know that it’s a superhero robot because I looked it up separately. Thank you for cheering me on so much at home and away. I want to dedicate today’s victory to the fans in particular.” .

Coach Lee Ki-hyung also applauded Chris after the match. He said, “As a foreign player, Chris was under a lot of stress because he couldn’t score. He used to play too much because of the pressure,” he said. I gained a lot of confidence while doing it, and I look forward to doing well in the future.” 스포츠토토

Chris also expressed his gratitude to director Lee Ki-hyung. He said, “The coach directly coaches me and treats me well. I am learning a lot.” talked

Chris added that he is adjusting well to life in Korea thanks to his colleagues. Even after scoring that day, he smiled brightly and joked around with many of his teammates and boasted of his friendship. When asked to pick one of the closest players, he burst into laughter, saying, “No. I can’t pick. Everyone gives me advice and tells me good things and we get along well. It’s hard to pick.”

However, the player who gave the most memorable advice was veteran midfielder Kwon Soon-hyung. He said, “I heard a lot of stories from (Kwon) Soon-hyeong. He tells me what I need, such as positioning. He has a lot of experience and is an impressive player. I like to hear advice from him.”

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