Milwaukee coach Budenholzer: “It’s disappointing, but we can rise again”

Milwaukee’s season is over. However, Milwaukee’s command tower left a resolution for the next season.

The Milwaukee Bucks lost 126-128 to the Miami Heat in Game 5 of the 1st round of the 2022-2023 NBA Playoffs held at the Milwaukee Fiserv Forum on the 27th (hereinafter Korean time). It was Milwaukee who went up to the number 1 seed, but lost 1-4 and became the victim of an all-time ‘upset’.

Milwaukee’s start wasn’t bad. This is because they succeeded in overtaking the team with Giannis Adetocombo (211cm, F) and Chris Middleton (201cm, F) at the forefront. However, it was regrettable that I could not control Jimmy Butler (201cm, F) and Gabe Vincent (188cm, G). As a result, the first quarter ended with a score of 33-36.

Milwaukee rallied again in the second quarter. Middleton, who was hot in the first quarter, was quiet, but Brook Lopez (213cm, C) and Adetokumbo scored 18 points and attacked under the opponent’s goal. As a result, they succeeded in reversing at 3 minutes and 10 seconds from the start of the second quarter, widening the score further. Although he gave up a 3-pointer to Vincent four seconds before the end of the quarter, it was 69-63.

Milwaukee, which once caught the flow, continued to drive. Middleton scored 11 points in the third quarter alone, Adetokumbo scored 10 points, and Lopez scored 6 points. The reason why they were able to keep the score difference even though they suffered from hunting in the middle of the 4th quarter.

However, the flow of the game changed strangely in the second half of the fourth quarter. Because he couldn’t control Butler. He gave up 11 consecutive points to Butler. He also allowed Vincent a 3-pointer. And 0.5 seconds before the end of the fourth quarter, Butler’s alley-oop was not blocked, and the game went into overtime. And the atmosphere was also given to the opponent. ㅋㅋㅋ벳

Adetokumbo scored five points in extra time, but lacked support from other teammates. Right before the end of the game, there was a chance to shoot behind by 2 points, but the game ended when Grace Alan (193cm, G) failed to attempt a shot.

This season, it was a strong candidate for the championship by ranking first in the league, but Milwaukee ended the season caught in the heels of 8th seed Miami. It was a rather disappointing end to the season. It was this season in Milwaukee that the disappointment was as great as the expectations were high.

After the game, manager Mike Budenholzer started the interview by saying, “We are really disappointed and frustrated.”

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