Manchester United-PSG compete for Kim Min-jae → Napoli proposes an increase in buyout amount of 87 billion won

It is known that Napoli are in a hurry to renew the contract with Kim Min-jae.

Italian media Fantacalcio said on the 26th (Korean time), ‘Kim Min-jae has recently been rumored to transfer to Manchester United and Paris Saint-Germain (PSG). Napoli general manager Giuntoli said Min-jae Kim’s buyout clause was not enough to reassure the club and fans. Manchester United and PSG currently have no problem paying Kim Min-jae’s buyout amount. Napoli offered Kim Min-jae a new buyout amount of 65 million euros (approximately 87.4 billion won). Because there is a buyout clause, the situation after the season is up to Kim Min-jae.” 먹튀검증

Italian media Napolipiu also said, “Director Jiuntoli directly mentioned Kim Min-jae’s buyout clause. Kim Min-jae could be recruited by a club outside of Italy after June. There must be consent and will of the player who wants to transfer.” More than anything, Man United want Kim Min-jae. Manchester United are considering a buyout clause for Kim Min-jae, which starts at 48 million euros (approximately 64.5 billion won). Napoli want to renew the contract to avoid the risk of losing Kim Min-jae. Trying to build a higher wall defending against monsters,’ he noted.

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