Manager Lee, “MF Cho Ji-hoon as center back, expect how well he can do”

Manager Lee and Jeonnam Dragons will appoint midfielder Jo Ji-hoon as center back again. Manager Lee hoped Jo Ji-hoon would not repeat the mistakes he had made before.

Jeonnam, led by coach Lee, will face Chungnam Asan in the 2023 Hana One Q FA Cup 3rd round (Round of 16) scheduled at 7:00 pm on the 12th at Asan Yi Sun-shin Sports Complex. Jeonnam, which defeated Mokpo FC 1-0 in the last two rounds, gave players who had not been able to compete in the match against Chungnam Asan, a tricky opponent, a chance.

In a meeting with the reporters before the game, coach Lee explained the background of the selection of the Chungnam-Asan game lineup, saying, “I wanted to provide motivation by giving players who had not been given a chance before.” There will be. I think it will be a good time for me as well as the players themselves because they are players who can definitely rise.”

Jang Seong-jae, who made a short comeback against Seongnam FC last time, is recovering from an injury and starting his first official match. Coach Lee said, “In our team, not only (Jang) Seong-jae, but also (Lee) Seok-hyeon and Simovic have just returned from injury. Through this game, I want them to show that they can jump into our team’s competitive landscape.” said.

Coach Lee said, “I am working to build a more stable defense.” Coach Lee said, “Whether it’s in the K-League or the FA Cup, I always practice not to concede.” 스포츠토토 I think I will do it. Currently, there are quite a few injuries in the center back, but I am looking forward to how well Jo Ji-hoon can do as a center back.”

In fact, it was quite a burdensome decision to appoint Jo Ji-hoon as a center back in the manager’s position. This is because he was one of the players who provided an excuse for defeat in the 0-5 defeat against Gyeongnam in the last 2 rounds. However, this coach did not disappoint his expectations.

Director Lee said, “You will know better what the problem was at that time. I don’t want to talk about it again.” My role is to show my skills,” he said.

He also showed expectations for Hanam, who scored a goal against Seongnam FC last time. Coach Lee said, “The last goal against Seongnam must have been a great motivation for Hanam. It seems to have been a really valuable opportunity for our team.

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