LG 8-episode documentary ‘Our Game: LG Twins’ to be released on the 30th

TVing Original’s first sports documentary ‘Our Game: LG Twins’, which deals with the story of LG Twins in 2022, is produced by ‘STUDIO X+U’, an organization dedicated to LG U+ content production, and consists of a total of 8 episodes. It will be released for the first time on March 30th.

LG said on the 8th, “The Teabing Original Documentary ‘Our Game: LG Twins’ is a real sports documentary that vividly captures all the blood, sweat and tears shed by the LG Twins for a year in 2022. After about 2,500 hours, an ultra-high-definition cinema camera was installed in the field and a remote robo-cam was installed in the dugout to capture the players, coaches, and coaches vividly according to the genre characteristics of sports documentary. By using more than 5 types of cameras, including low, even the small movements of the players were captured vividly.” 베팅룸 토토

Continuing, LG said, “In ‘Our Game: LG Twins’, which deals with all the stories of the LG Twins that have never been revealed anywhere, not only documentary elements but also a boring composition that crosses entertainment and reality, and provides advice from professional baseball scorers and former baseball players. The story progresses with more depth and interest. What is even more special is that actor Ha Jung-woo, known as a long-time ‘Chin fan’ of the LG Twins, participates as a storyteller. Ha Jung-woo tells a dramatic story with a witty gesture and a unique weighty voice. In addition, we will reveal the behind-the-scenes stories that baseball fans have always wanted to know, but have not yet seen or heard, from the strategy meeting with scenes behind the stadium that were not seen on the game relay screen, to the personal lives of the players.”

Lastly, LG said, “The story of the LG Twins and everyone else’s TVing original documentary ‘Our Game: LG Twins’ will be released for the first time on TVing on the 30th.”

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