Lee Sang-heon X Park Jung-in, a ‘Busan Ssangpo’ with pride, special order in 2023

“Have you known each other for 10 years already?”

Lee Sang-heon (25) and Park Jeong-in (23), the ‘ssangpo’ of Busan I-Park, tilted their heads while looking at each other’s faces. We were always together so we didn’t recognize it normally, but looking back, we were always a strong support for each other.

Lee Sang-heon and Park Jung-in took on Busan’s ‘important responsibility’ this season. That’s the ‘attack leader’. Busan only scored 34 goals in 40 league games last year. It was the lowest score in the league. Victory was a long way off as there was no ‘goal’. Busan finished the season in 10th place.

Lee Sang-heon, who is in winter training in Chiang Mai, Thailand, said, “Looking back, we definitely had a chance to go up a few steps. It wasn’t easy to go beyond that. said. Lee Sang-heon scored 7 goals in 31 games last year, and Park Jung-in scored 6 goals in 26 games last year.

This year is a very important time for both of them. Lee Sang-heon and Park Jung-in were from Ulsan Hyundai Youth and played the aces of the national team by age. However, due to injury, he did not perform as well as expected. Park Jung-in said, “I think I have been lacking for the past four years since I came to the pro. I lost my confidence because I felt a wall. 온라인카지노 The season will be different,” he said.

Through the darkness and running toward the light, the two matured one step through pain. Lee Sang-heon said, “I missed a season due to an injury. I learned a lot at that time. I started to think more about the importance of taking care of my body. Currently, I am preparing well for the season without any injuries.” Lee Sang-heon only played 5 league games in 2019 due to injury. He wore a Busan uniform as a trade in 2021.

The two are immersed in training with stronger determination than ever before. Lee Sang-heon said, “I have been training continuously since November of last year. I am training faithfully according to the coach’s words.” Park Jung-in also said, “The coach said that we can do better by training more than other teams. We are training really hard this year. The amount of training is really large. I want to,” he said, his voice strengthening.

The weather in Thailand is hot. Occasionally, when the wind blows to cool the heat, it is literally scorching in the middle of the day. However, the off-season of Lee Sang-heon and Park Jung-in is much hotter than the temperature in Thailand.

Lee Sang-heon said, “I really, really, really desperately want to get promoted. If Jung In-i and I explode, I think it will of course be a positive force for the team. The top priority is the team. The team’s performance must be good. It is important to accumulate points from the beginning of the season.” did.

Park Jung-in also said, “When I first came to Busan, I had a lot of personal thoughts. There is no such thing now. It is a team unconditionally. I want to be promoted. “He promised.

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