Lee Kang-in, who became the ‘King’… Resilient to ‘transfer rumor’ with perfect play

Lee Kang-in, who has emerged as the ‘King’ of Mallorca in the Spanish professional football Primera Liga, is gaining more momentum this summer.

Lee Kang-in started on the 24th (Korean time) in the home game against Getafe in the 30th round of Spanish La Liga in the 2022-2023 season, played at Visit Mallorca Estadi in Mallorca, Spain, and played until the end of the game, winning Mallorca’s 3-1 comeback victory with multiple goals. Towed.

Lee Kang-in, who played as a left midfielder, played the role of a solver for Mallorca by scoring an equalizer and a key goal.

It is the first multi-goal since debuting as a pro in Valencia in the 2018-2019 season, and the first Korean player to score two goals in one La Liga game.

Lee Kang-in has scored 5 goals and 4 assists in all competitions this season.

Praise poured in for his great performance. Mallorca’s coach Javier Aguirre said after the game, “It’s unfair to mention one player,” but he raised his thumb, saying, “Right now, Lee Kang-in also scores points. He’s an important player.”

At the same time, he did not spare praise, saying, “He is showing his best skills.”

Lee Kang-in’s true value came at the end of the second half. In a counterattack chance, he drove more than 60m alone and scored a key goal with a left-footed shot.

Spanish media Marca also said, “If you were a Korean who stayed up all night, you would have enjoyed Lee Kang-in’s new show. Lee Kang-in was the main character in the second half. He led all of Mallorca’s attacks.” 토스카지노

The Mallorca club gave Lee Kang-in the modifier “designer of victory” through Instagram and expressed it as “King.”

The best player in the La Liga selection went back to Lee Kang-in.

Mallorca, who won two consecutive wins thanks to Lee Kang-in’s performance, climbed to the top of 40 points (11 wins, 7 draws, 12 losses) and became 10th in the league. With 8 regular league games left this season, it has surpassed the 39 points recorded last season.

The multi-goal against Getafe was also a kind of showcase for the clubs aiming for themselves this summer.

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