Jeonbuk Hyundai lost even the veteran of the ‘winning DNA trap’, not anymore

I thought I had to wait even when the fans who were supporters turned their backs while boycotting their support. Despite the early season, the ability to block the ‘club bus’ could not be more agreed upon. It is because of the belief in the huge stream called Jeonbuk Hyundai.

‘Jeonbuk Dynasty’ cannot be beaten by any team. Jeonbuk has won the K-League 1 seven times in the past 10 years. 5 consecutive defeats in the K League 1 are unique. In fact, if 9 points had not been deducted in 2016, 8 consecutive losses would have been possible.

How about last year? Although they failed to win the K-League 1 6 times in a row, they proved their potential by saying, “The team that will go up will go up.” At one point, it fell to 11th place, but at the end of the season, it finished the season in 2nd place after another thrilling competition with Ulsan, ‘Hyundai’s rival’. It wasn’t even ‘irrelevant’. Won the trophy in the FA Cup. Following the K-League (9 times), it also became the most winning team (5 times) in the FA Cup. In the Asian Champions League (ACL), they advanced to the semifinals, achieving the best performance among K-League teams.

But now it has come to the point where you can’t discuss ‘faith’. There is no more Jeonbuk of joy. Watching even the veterans get lost, even a little bit of hope was shattered. They told me to go back as soon as possible. Jeonbuk still has that power. However, it’s not that I don’t understand the urgency to get the fans’ hearts back, but on the 29th of last month, Jeonbuk went too far.

The division happened just before the end of the game. Gangwon’s Yang Hyeon-jun broke through a ‘legitimate physical fight’ with Kim Gun-woong in the 50th minute of extra time in the second half and scored a ‘theatrical goal’. However, Jeonbuk players protested by running to the referee like a swarm of bees. Of course you can protest. However, there is a line that must not be crossed.

Hong Jeong-ho (34), the captain to hold the center, has lost his ‘reason’. When the captain became enraged, it led to a series of collisions like dominoes. In the end, Hong Jeong-ho was sent off with two warnings, and Kim Moon-hwan (28), who had abused the assistant referee, received a direct red card. The bench, which was vacated by manager Kim Sang-shik due to ‘retirement discipline’, was also not free from the card. Coach Park Won-jae received a yellow card. It was a total mess. It wasn’t even a ‘failure’ that was more annoying. Additional punishment seems inevitable.

‘Dynasty’ is finite. No team can always be the best. Ulsan, which won the K-League 1 last year, waited and waited for 17 years. So the world has changed. However, looking at what is happening in Jeonbuk these days, everyone is struggling as if they have fallen into the trap of ‘winning DNA’.

Jeonbuk has already recorded their 6th loss after 10 rounds. The 10th place (10 points, 3 wins, 1 draw and 6 losses) is the clear current situation. In order to rebound, we have to face the reality, but there is no cold self-reflection. ‘Winning’ seems to be soaked in fantasy as if it has become Jeonbuk’s exclusive property. At this rate, there is no more hope. 먹튀검증

It’s hard to go up, but it’s a moment to go down. The management of the club is different from what you see from the outside. It requires a high degree of professionalism. The best results can only be hoped for when the front desk, players, and fans create harmony. If even one creaks, it’s a fall. ‘Traditional Myeongga’ Suwon Samsung was like that, followed by FC Seoul. For a while, ‘Hyundaiga’ took the place of the top, but Jeonbuk seems to be walking downhill.

A quick reversal requires change in some way. Regardless of whether he became a club representative or a manager, personnel renewal seems inevitable.

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