Jang Seul-gi facing a European powerhouse ahead of the World Cup “I will show you what kind of team Korea is”

Korean women’s national soccer team Jang Seul-gi (Incheon Hyundai Steel) showed confidence ahead of a head-to-head match against European powerhouses. 안전놀이터

The Korean women’s soccer team, led by head coach Colin Bell, will participate in the Arnold Clark Cup, a four-nation friendly competition to be held in England. On the 17th (hereinafter referred to as Korean time), England will face off against Belgium on the 20th, and Italy on the 23rd.

It is expected to be a good opportunity to experience a strong team for ‘Belho’ ahead of the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup to be held in Australia and New Zealand in July.

Jang Seul-gi of Belho, who left for England on the 10th and was preparing for the tournament, told the Korean Football Association (KFA) on the 14th that he was determined to take on the challenge through an interview.

Jang Seul-gi welcomed the tournament, saying, “It’s an opportunity to show the strong teams what kind of team Korea is.”

Jang Seul-gi, who had field training ahead of the tournament, explained, “Coach Bell emphasized physical strength the most. He also refined his defensive organization. We also did a lot of tactical training in preparation for England.”

Kang Chae-rim (Incheon Hyundai Steel) also threw a vote through the association, saying, “It’s a challenging position, but if you show confidence without being intimidated, there will be good results.”

Kang Chae-rim, who is about to face the second World Cup, said, “In the 2019 World Cup, when I participated as the youngest, I only did what I wanted to do. But this time, I am preparing to melt into the team with a more mature image. I will get it,” revealing a strong determination.

The women’s national team is in Group H along with Germany, Colombia and Morocco at the World Cup. The first game of the World Cup will be against Colombia at the Sydney Football Stadium on July 25th.

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