“It’s not because I’m sluggish”… 4th starter notified of going to bullpen, national hitter counted player’s mind

The day when Choi Seung-yong (22), who was the 4th starting resource, announced to the reporters that he was going to the bullpen. Doosan coach Lee Seung-yeop repeatedly said, “It’s not because the players are sluggish.” 

Head coach Lee Seung-yeop met with reporters ahead of the home game against Hanwha held at Jamsil Stadium in Seoul on the 2nd and said, “Choi Seung-yong is going to the bullpen because Dylan Pyle joined the starting rotation.” 

In February, coach Lee held an audition for the 5th starter to fill the remaining one spot, with Choi Won-joon and Kwak Bin as the 4 starters for the Raul Alcantara-Dylan One-Two Punch at the Australian spring camp. All pitchers who could handle long innings were candidates, and coach Lee and pitching coach Jae-Hoon Jeong decided to narrow down the final candidates to Choi Seung-yong, Park Shin-ji, and Kim Dong-ju and check their performances in the demonstration game. 

However, there was a variable that Dylan suffered a bone contusion after being hit in the head by a batted ball during training at the end of spring camp. Dylan complained of dizziness and was unable to return home with the squad on March 7 and remained in Australia to rest. After that, he recovered his condition and set foot on Korean soil on March 12, but was diagnosed with dizziness due to a bone bruise and devoted himself to rest and recovery throughout April.

Doosan played an exhibition game with two starting positions empty due to Dylan’s unexpected injury. In the 3-on-1 competition, the audition was changed to a survival where one of Choi Seung-yong, Kim Dong-ju, and Park Shin-ji was eliminated. decided to Choi Seung-yong recorded an average ERA of 6.17 with 1 win and 2 losses in 5 games in April, and Kim Dong-ju minimized the Dylan gap by doing his part with an ERA of 2.14 with 1 win and 1 loss in 4 games. 메이저사이트

Time passed and Dylan’s KBO League debut was finally caught. After completing the final inspection with 4 scoreless innings in the Futures League match against KIA on April 27, he will make his first appearance against Hanwha in Jamsil on the 4th. As a result, a change in the position of one starting pitcher was unavoidable, and coach Lee decided to switch 4th starter Seung-yong Choi to the bullpen from the 3rd, leaving Kim Dong-ju, the 5th starter.

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