‘It’s not an investment in British rising stars!’ Warning from Liverpool Legends

It is an opinion that Liverpool’s molbang investment is not wise.

Liverpool will focus on strengthening their midfield in the upcoming summer transfer window. Fabinho, James Milner, and Nabi Keita are losing strength due to injuries and aging, and power reinforcement is considered essential.

Liverpool have put Jude Bellingham on their transfer list and have expressed an active interest. The players also responded favorably, creating an atmosphere of momentum.

However, Liverpool gave up on signing Bellingham. He decided he couldn’t handle the war of money with Manchester City and backed off.

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp also said, “I try everything to get what I want. However, there are times when it is impossible.” 메이저사이트

Liverpool legend Robbie Fowler said through the British media ‘Mirror’ that “Bellingham alone cannot change” and suggested that it would be better to recruit several players rather than investing in bullshit.

“Is it wise to invest most of the transfer budget in one player? Did you know that in the past 10 years Liverpool have never spent more than £150m on a single player?”

Along with this, he advised that efficient diversification is the right thing to do, saying, “Bellingham alone cannot survive on the English Premier League (EPL) stage.”

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