“It will explode in LG fans” Park Yong-taek also pointed out that Shin Min-jae stole third base… How should I view it?

Shin Min-jae of the LG Twins had a dramatic day going back and forth between a hero and a traitor.

Shin Min-jae played as a major runner in a 4-4 tie at the end of the 9th inning against Jamsil Kiwoom on the 9th, with a chance to first base with one out. Shin Min-jae, who advanced to second base with Austin’s hit, attempted to steal third base while Oh Ji-hwan was at bat, but failed. The trial court was safe, but it was corrected to an out after video review.

As a result, the game could have ended if Shin Min-jae had not stolen the base. Oh Ji-hwan went on base with a walk and Moon Bo-gyeong grounded the first base to end the inning. If Oh Ji-hwan’s walk made the bases loaded by one out, he could have tried to rush home when Moon Bo-kyung grounded. It wasn’t a slow ground ball, but considering Shin Min-jae’s quick feet, it was enough to win, and above all, I was able to aim for one more chance with the bases loaded with 2 outs.

Commentator Park Yong-taek, a former LG legend, also lamented, “I’m going to burst into LG fans” after seeing Shin Min-jae’s failure to steal third base. Commentator Park said, “It is true that Shin Min-jae was chosen with stealing in mind, but we need to be careful with third base stealing depending on the pitcher.” Kiwoom pitcher Ha Young-min explained that because he has fast pitching motion and quick motion, he should have prepared to get home right away rather than stealing a base.

At the end of the 10th inning, another opportunity came to Shin Min-jae. Park Dong-Won’s walk and Hong Chang-Ki’s double resulted in a chance for 2nd, 1st and 3rd bases. Shin Min-jae defeated Yang Hyun’s 131 km/h two-seam. The ball went over the pitcher and headed for second base with a big bounce, and Kim Hye-seong caught it well and threw it to first base, but Shin Min-jae’s feet were faster.

Shin Min-jae’s infield hit made the LG Twins win 4-5. Shin Min-jae expressed his feelings at the time of the final hit, saying that he had no choice but to play first base after the game. 스포츠토토

Then, regarding the controversial stealing of third base, a sign came out saying that it was okay to steal, and in that case, he expressed his thoughts, saying that he should run first rather than live and die.

LG’s stealing success rate is 58%, the lowest in the league. Manager Yeom Gyeong-yeop affirmed the color of the baseball team, saying, “There are more games won than games lost by stealing.”

LG is overwhelmingly No. 1 with a team-adjusted score creation (wRC+) of 133.1. On the other hand, the stolen-base run contribution to average (steal-base RAA) is -4.38, and the run-run run contribution to average (running base RAA) is -4.13, which is the overwhelming lowest.

Coach Yeom said that base play is the beginning of team play. LG’s foot ball game between efficiency and inefficiency will continue in the future.

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