Injury to tears in front of parents… ‘Goal gift’ delivered to Hungary through video

‘Hungarian bomber’ Martin Adam (29, Ulsan Hyundai) finally scored his first goal of the season. 

Adam started in the K-League 1 2023 round 9 away match against Incheon United held at the Incheon Soccer Stadium on the 25th and scored the winning goal leading Ulsan to a 1-0 victory. It is the goal of the season.

It was also a room that cleared away the regrets of the past. After joining Ulsan in the second half of last season, he made a big success, scoring 9 goals and 4 assists in 14 league games. It helped Ulsan to reach the top of the K-League in 17 years.

But this season, the ups and downs have been severe. With the joining of Joo Min-gyu, who was the top scorer in the K-League, competition for the one-top starter unfolded. Ulsan coach Hong Myung-bo alternately appointed the two as starters in the first two games, but Min-gyu Joo scored three consecutive goals and was naturally pushed out of the competition for starting positions.

Martin did not miss the starting opportunity he received after a long time in the game against Incheon. In the 9th minute of the first half, Kang Yoon-gu’s cross was connected with an accurate header and finally shook the net. It was a fruition that lived up to the expectations of coach Hong Myung-bo, who said, “I think a goal will be scored someday” ahead of the game.

It was even more meaningful because it was a goal that allowed him to shake off an injury that he himself would describe as “sad.” Adam played as a starter in the home game against Suwon Samsung on the 8th, but ended the game early due to a calf injury. As he was being replaced, he even shed tears in the end. 

At the time of his injury, his parents, who had visited Korea from Hungary, were watching the match. Adam’s heart was even more bitter. His parents, who stayed in Korea for about 10 days at the time, returned home without seeing their son play any more. 
Adam said, “The last match against Suwon was a very sad match. It was the first injury in his career, and he was very sad to be injured in front of his parents who were in Korea for 10 days.”

Still, Adam was happy, saying that his parents must have confirmed the news of the goal against Incheon through the broadcast. On the expedition to Incheon that day, Adam’s wife and son accompanied him. He smiled and said, “I think my parents in Hungary watched today’s game on TV,” and “I am very happy to score a goal in front of my wife and son who came from Ulsan.” 스포츠토토

Adam even impressed Ulsan fans with an interview that day. This is because ‘team’ was the most emphasized in all questions about Joo Min-gyu, the competition for the starting pitcher, and this year’s goals.

He said, “In the last game against Pohang Steelers, Joo Min-gyu scored a goal, and today I scored a goal. this is a team sport It is important for the team to win every game,” he said. “There is no personal goal. I don’t even look at the record of how many goals I scored. Because the most important thing is for the team to win.”

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