If it is Otani, even the original big hand will stretch… “The Dodgers do anything”

After this season, the competition to recruit Ohtani Shohei (29, LA Angels), who will qualify as a free agent (FA), is already fiercely developing behind the scenes. 

He’s valuing Ohtani at an unprecedented $500 million contract, but the major leagues don’t seem to care. Ohtani-class players are trying to make a justification and recruit them.

On the 27th (Korean time), the American sports media ‘FOX Sports’ announced the ranking in order of the clubs with the highest possibility of recruiting Ohtani. 

The New York Mets, which are showing a wide range of moves under the leadership of billionaire owner Steve Cohen, were also selected as the team with the highest possibility of recruiting Ohtani. ‘Sportsnet New York’ said, ‘Steve Cohen’s owner has been openly telling senior officials at the club that Ohtani should be recruited’. Already spent $491.1 million on this Stove League alone. Although the contract was canceled due to an ankle problem found in the medical test, if the 12-year, $315 million contract agreed with Carlos Correa was agreed, it would have cost more than 800 million dollars, or 1 trillion won in Korean currency, this winter alone. I couldn’t dare imagine the scale of the new big hand.

‘FOX Sports’ said, ‘Ohtani will need a contract larger than Correa’s $315 million, but he will probably be committed to securing the biggest star right now. The top rotation of the Mets is made up of players with short-term contracts with high annual average value, but Ohtani can make an exception with long-term contracts. 슬롯사이트

However, as a team that will strongly jump in the battle for Otani with the Mets, he picked the LA Dodgers, the ‘original big hand’. The Dodgers have also been cited as a team that will not back down from the race to sign Ohtani. Maybe they desperately want Ohtani more than Mets.

The Dodgers have recently been losing their status as a ‘big hand’. I got a lot of backlash because of the luxury tax. Last year, key players such as Corey Seager (Texas), Max Scherzer (New York Mets), and Kenley Jansen (Boston) left, and this year, Trey Turner (Philadelphia), Justin Turner (Boston), and Tyler Anderson (LA Angels) became free agents. Cody Bellinger, former MVP who left and showed no sign of rebound, was also released.

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