“I will not forget the regrets of the past” Ahn Ik-soo, coach of FC Seoul, who left Jeon Hoon, made a strong promise

“It was the first time I caught a megaphone (in front of fans) in my soccer life, but I caught it twice (last year). There should be no more.”

FC Seoul coach Ahn Ik-soo (58) prepares for the 2023 season with a cliffhanger resolution.

On the 8th, Seoul started its first winter battery training to Hua Hin, Thailand. Coach Ahn, who met with reporters prior to Jeon Hoon’s departure, said, “This off-season training will be a process of turning uncertainty into certainty.” Director Ahn, who said that he had deeply reflected on the past season, said, “The longer you remember the regrets (of the last season), the better.” Players who have gone through difficult times will also prepare more thoroughly.”

There is a sense of crisis in Seoul. It failed to advance to the semifinals for three consecutive seasons and stayed in Final B (7th to 12th). In September 2021, coach Ahn took the helm of Seoul, which was in the relegation zone at the time. Coach Ahn, who had won the championship as the head coach in the 2010 season, led the team to a reversal (7th place), raising expectations, but the team crashed again. Disappointing performance continued throughout the 2022 season, ending the season in ninth place after a tough fight in the relegation zone.

As much as the 2023 season, I am determined to rise above Final A (1st to 6th place). However, the main resources in the team, such as Cho Young-wook, Lee Sang-min, and Yoon Jong-gyu (enlisted in the military), stood at the starting line with the vacancy left. Director Ahn said, “My responsibility was great. I will meet the season by faithfully filling in the supplementary points toward the new year’s goal. If we perform well, there is hope that we will be 스포츠토토 better than last season.”

Coach Ahn led the team on the 6th to visit the Seoul National Cemetery with the meaning of the launching ceremony. Director Ahn said, “Before the start of the new year (battery training), I thought this kind of place was more meaningful than anything else.” The message to convey to the athletes is also melted. The keywords for the 2023 season put forward by coach Ahn are dedication, sacrifice, and responsibility. Director Ahn said, “If each member of the team devotes and sacrifices for the team and fans, and if they take responsibility, they can overcome any situation. It can be a message for team sport football.”

For coach Ahn, out of 365 days last year, there were only three days without soccer. However, the team seldom found a rebound point. Right after the match against Daegu FC in the 34th round (away) and Seongnam FC (home) in the 37th round, coach Ahn held a megaphone and apologized in front of angry fans.

“As a director, it is too embarrassing and apologetic,” said director Ahn, who chewed through painful memories, saying, “I had a really intense time, but I can’t be recognized just for the process,” he emphasized that he would produce “results.” At the same time, he expressed his strong determination to prepare for the season by saying, “I feel a stronger sense of responsibility to repay the fans who come to visit me with their valuable time.”

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