“I need to reflect”…Playing coach’s sudden ‘putting into the game’, Yang Dong-hyun’s affectionate ‘bitter remark’

Suwon FC Yang Dong-hyun, who transformed into a ‘playing coach’ ahead of this season, had a ‘laughing’ experience in the 10th round of the K-League 1 against FC Seoul on the 29th of last month. He went to the training ground with a whistle and a stopwatch in his hand as a ‘coach’ from winter training ahead of the new season, but he suddenly digested the game wearing a uniform.

In Suwon FC’s previous match against Daegu FC in the 9th round, a large number of key players left due to injuries. Lee Seung-woo was carried out on a stretcher, and Lars and Lee Kwang-hyuk also collapsed due to injuries and were unable to play against Seoul.

The card Suwon FC manager Kim Do-gyun brought out was none other than Yang Dong-hyun. Being on the starting list for the first time this season, he watched the game from the bench, was put in at the start of the second half, and stepped on the ground for 45 minutes. He produced several intimidating scenes at the forefront. He attempted a volley after trapping his chest in the 12th minute of the second half, but missed. In the 16th minute of the second half, he passed an exquisite penetrating pass to Murilo, but Murilo’s shot went over the goal. After the game, coach Kim said, “If Kim Hyun or Las return is delayed, I think Yang Dong-hyun should participate in the game.”

An unavoidable use of the team situation. However, Yang Dong-hyun, whom I met after the game, spat out bitter words. “The players need to reflect. They are players who will show a better appearance at a young age, but it makes no sense for me to play like this.”

He said, “There are older players playing in other teams. I take good care of my body, so I run because I am a role model for young players, but I think it is because the younger players are more special than those players or do not show a good image. I think young players should reflect on that.”

An injury to a key player can be an opportunity for a backup player. However, many players regretted the reality that they could not seize the opportunity. Yang Dong-hyun said, “The coach also expects from other players. At that time, the players should show a good appearance. It’s definitely an opportunity. The starting members are decided by the coach, but the players who should receive the opportunity have a role to play.” 안전놀이터

Yang Dong-hyeon is a veteran who has gone through a mountain battle. He started his professional career at Ulsan Hyundai in 2005 and went through Busan I’Park, Pohang Steelers, Cerezo Osaka (Japan), and Seongnam FC. Having scored 100 goals and 35 assists in 353 K-League matches, he is taking his first steps as a leader while taking the A-level licensing process.

Yang Dong-hyun said, “There are things I have experienced, but I try to tell a lot about the parts that players cannot see. It is important how you develop your capabilities as a leader,” he said.

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