“I am stunned by Arsenal’s drinking and smoking culture”… Ex-DF’s Revelation

Arsenal defender Jill Grimandy showed unchanging affection for Arsenal.

Born in France, he moved to Arsenal from AS Monaco in France in 1997, where he played until 2002. For five years he was intense. He is regarded as one of the most successful players in a short period of time. He was a star who won two Premier League titles and one FA Cup title with Arsenal.

With Arsenal running for first place in the Premier League this season, Grimandy expressed Arsenal’s past and present through England’s ‘Mirror’. 안전놀이터

First he remembered the past. At the same time, Arsenal’s drinking and smoking culture, which was prevalent at the time, was exposed. Gramandi confessed, “I was really tired of Arsenal’s drinking and smoking culture. There was no such culture at AS Monaco. I was stunned by this culture at Arsenal.”

Grimandi continued, “Many players, led by the captain, went out at night and had a good time with drinks. I had no choice but to go with my friends as I was just starting to speak English. Going out at night like this made it difficult for me. One day I went to a club. I went and there were a lot of drunkards. I said, ‘You have to go home or you’ll die’, but my colleagues just laughed.”

Grimandy also confessed: “One day I was shocked to see a player smoking. I also regularly saw players completely drunk. Arsenal had very different approaches to drinking and smoking.”

Recalling the past, Grimandy looked at Arsenal today. I was sure you would win.

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