“Hello, I’m Kim Gwang-hyun, public relations ambassador for Incheon City.” The opening match full of trembling, Ace’s new promise

SSG Landers ace Kim Kwang-hyun (35) finished the opening game full of trembling and vowed, “I will do my best for the fans.”

On the 3rd, he was appointed as a public relations ambassador for Incheon City, so his sense of responsibility has grown. SSG’s ‘ace’, for Incheon baseball fans, promised, “I will do my best to ensure that the team wins in the game I am pitching in.”

Kim Gwang-hyun achieved 150 wins in the KBO League career in the home opener on the 1st. In front of a crowd of 10,000, he recorded the smallest game and the highest winning rate of 150 wins. In commemoration of achieving that record, Kim Gwang-hyun distributed 30 pizzas to the team ahead of the first game of the 2023 KBO League season against the Lotte Giants held at SSG Landers Field in Incheon on the 4th. He expressed his gratitude to the people around him, including the players and the front desk.

Kim Gwang-hyun said, “I never think I won 150 wins by myself.” did. He continued, “I think I was able to achieve this record thanks to the good fans, coaches, coaches, and teammates I met, and today I prepared to express my gratitude even though it’s weak.”

Kim Gwang-hyun started in the opening game and became the first winning pitcher after starting the 4th opening game at the same time as winning the least 150 KBO games. He said ahead of the opening of the regular season, “I am always nervous about his first games, such as the opening game and the first game of the Korean Series.”

After making his professional debut in 2007, he has established himself as an ‘ace’ since the days of SK, the predecessor of SSG, and has become a star player representing Incheon. He has also experienced the American major league stage as well. He also suffered from not being able to properly prepare for the season in the aftermath of Corona 19. Even a player who has gone through all of these battles said that he was nervous about the opening game. But in the end, he overcame and achieved what he wanted.

He won a thrilling victory and thanked his fans. It is because of the support of Incheon fans. He said, “It feels good to know that the popularity of baseball in Incheon is growing. I think we need to work harder to create a bigger baseball boom in Incheon,” he said. “Incheon is where Korean baseball started. Isn’t it ‘Gudo’ Incheon?” and “SSG is establishing itself as the most popular club. I am proud to be able to play for a team like this.” 스포츠토토

Now that I have achieved my goal of 150 wins, I can see my next goal. These are records that fans should pay attention to. Kim Gwang-hyun said, “I looked around and found that records such as 2,000 innings in Korea and 1,000 innings at home stadium are scheduled.”

Cheongna Dome Stadium is scheduled to open in 2028. Kim Gwang-hyeon pledged to ‘health, pitch for longevity’, saying, “I will take good care of my body (for the appearance of Cheongna Dome).”

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