‘Have you given up on The Yong?’ Man Utd recruit World Cup champion MF to create winning power

Manchester United (hereafter referred to as Man Utd) has changed the recruitment target to strengthen the midfield. This is Alexis Macalister (Brighton & Hove Albion), a member of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

According to Spain’s ‘Pichajes’ on the 8th, Manchester United is considering signing Macalister to create a team capable of winning next season. Manchester United, which has shown interest in Macalister in the meantime, is starting to sign in earnest.

‘Pichahes’ said, “For Manchester United to win the Premier League and Champions League, strengthening the midfield is essential,” predicting that Makalster will be the “cheat key” to win Manchester United. And “Brighton set a transfer fee of 70 million pounds (about 109.1 billion won),” he added.

Manchester United has been watching Frankie The Yong (Barcelona) for a long time to strengthen the midfield. Last summer, he actively promoted the recruitment of The Yong. In addition, Man United is currently led by manager Eric Tenhach, who was a priest at The Yong and Ajax. However, The Yong’s love for Barcelona is great.

If it is not easy for Man Utd to recruit The Yong, they must activate Plan B. The next best thing is to recruit Macalister.

Macalister played a central role in Argentina’s World Cup victory in Qatar. With Makalister’s dominance in the midfield, Argentina’s performance stabilized over the course of the tournament, leading to a victory. After the World Cup, interest in Macalister was poured out, but during the winter transfer window in January, he decided to stay at Brighton. 베팅룸 토토

However, things are bound to change in the upcoming summer transfer window. Macalister is also considering leaving Brighton ahead of next season. His father and agent Carlos told Argentinian media that he would part ways with Brighton, saying he would be leaving in July.

In addition to Manchester United, several teams including Manchester City (hereinafter referred to as Man City), Arsenal, Chelsea, Tottenham Hotspur and Juventus have put Macalister on their recruitment list. In particular, Manchester City are very interested in scouting. Depending on the progress, there could be a scouting battle between Man Utd and Man City.

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