Ha-seong Kim “I expected second place at the Gold Glove, the moment I had another goal”

Korean major leaguer Kim Ha-seong (San Diego Padres) appears on ‘Sports Time MLB’ and explains his performance last season.

On this day, Kim Ha-seong, together with SPOTV’s MLB commentators Son Gun-young and Kim Hyung-joon, look back on his performance last season. In particular, Kim Ha-seong, who achieved double-digit home runs and stolen bases in two seasons after entering the MLB, expressed his ambition, saying, “Shouldn’t we steal 20 bases this season?”

Sports Time MLB ‘Kim Ha-sung’s Awesome Major League’ can be seen on the 4th at 1:00 pm on SPOTV Prime, 6:00 pm on SPOTV, and 8:00 pm on SPOTV2.

Ha-seong Kim hit a pinch hit home run against MLB representative pitcher Clayton Kershaw (LA Dodgers) on June 23 last year. Kim Ha-seong, who dreamed of becoming a major leaguer as a child, said of the situation at the time, “It was a moment when I was comforted and grateful for the hardships I had to go through as I entered the plate as a pinch hitter and dealt with the player I had always dreamed of.”

In addition, 토토사이트 pitcher Jacob deGrom, who moved to the Texas Rangers from this season, is the most difficult pitcher to deal with, and vividly conveys the experience of facing deGrom’s slider on ‘Sports Time MLB’.

Last season, Kim Ha-seong proved his presence with a splendid defense. On August 22 last year, Ha-seong Kim caught his foul fly hit against the fence in a home game against Washington, receiving rave reviews locally. Recognized for such hustle play and defensive power.

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