Gangwon and Yang Hyun-joon’s transfer saga ends with a ‘win-win’ ending

The tangled threads have been untangled. The end of a tumultuous transfer saga is a win-win.

Gangwon FC announced the transfer of Yang Hyun-joon (21) to Celtic via a live broadcast on the club’s official YouTube channel on March 15. Kim Byung-ji (53), the president of Gangwon, spoke about the transfer process, and Yang signed the Celtic contract in front of the fans.

Yang Hyun-jun and the Gangwon club, who had been at odds over the transfer, had a happy ending. “We received more than 2.5 million euros ($3.57 billion) in transfer fees for Yang Hyun-jun,” the club’s president Kim Byung-ji said on the broadcast. According to our research, Gangwon made a profit of 2.75 million euros ($3.93 billion) by sending Yang to Celtic. That’s more than 1 billion euros ($2.86 billion) more than Celtic’s initial offer of 2 million euros.

Initially, Gangwon opposed Yang’s summer move. That’s because, after 23 games in the K League 1, they are 11th out of 12 teams and facing relegation. Despite their struggles this season, it was hard to let go of the player who was their “ace” last year. However, they ended up paying more for him than expected, and owner Kim Jin-tae decided to use the money from the transfer to reinforce their roster.

Yang Hyun-jun’s dream of playing in Europe came true. “If the transfer fee is not enough, I would like to take a cut from my salary to go to Celtic,” Yang said after the 0-1 loss to Incheon United on February 2. It’s quite unusual for a player to publicly express a desire to move, which shows how desperate he was. He didn’t want to miss out on the chance to play in Europe, which could come at any time, so he ended up settling his differences with the club and landing his dream move.

More importantly, he left for a big money transfer to a team that had helped him grow. With just one goal and one assist in 21 league games this season, 메이저사이트 Yang was criticized by fans for his lack of form and transfer rumors. After publicly expressing his desire to leave the club, he was criticized for being “unprofessional” in the aftermath. However, fans are also accepting his departure as a ‘goodbye’ as he received a big transfer fee.

“I’m excited and happy (to finalize the transfer), but I’m also very heavy-hearted. The season is not over and the team is in a difficult situation, but I am very sorry that I transferred without taking responsibility until the end.” “I was able to stand because the fans gave me a lot of support and love to get to this point. If you continue to support me, I will try to be a player who reciprocates your support.”

Kim Byung-ji said, “I hope (the move to Celtic) will give Yang a chance to grow further. I’m sending him to develop Korean soccer. I think playing as a great player after seniors like Cha Bum-geun, Park Ji-sung, and Kim Min-jae is the way to repay Gangwon’s fans. I wish him the best and hope he becomes a more brilliant player.”

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