From ‘close game to two losses in a row to disaster’ South Korean women’s soccer, ‘favorite’ Germany’s only loss in the round of 16

After two straight close losses, South Korea’s women’s soccer team is on the verge of disaster.

The South Korean women’s national soccer team, led by head coach Colleen Bell, suffered a 0-1 defeat against Morocco at the FIFA Women’s World Cup Australia-New Zealand 2023 in Group H at Hindmarsh Stadium in Adelaide, Australia, on Tuesday (June 30), effectively ending their dreams of reaching the round of 16.

South Korea’s 0-2 loss to Colombia was followed by a 0-1 defeat to Morocco. In a World Cup with no wild cards, two defeats in the group stage equals elimination in the round of 16.

Of course, their hopes of reaching the round of 16 are not completely out of the question, as they can still survive depending on the outcome of their upcoming games against Germany and Colombia. It’s still possible that the latter could happen. But it’s unrealistic.
South Korea must hope that Germany loses to Colombia. Automatic elimination if they win or draw. However, Germany are in better shape than they were after their 6-0 thrashing of Morocco last time out. It’s hard to imagine them losing to Colombia, even with ‘top scorer’ Alexandra Pope in the lineup.

Should a miracle happen and Germany lose to Colombia, the number of possibilities becomes complicated. South Korea would have to win their final game against Germany and Colombia would have to take out Morocco in a best-of-three series. This would leave South Korea, Germany, and Morocco with one win and two losses. At this point, goal difference will determine the rankings, and South Korea, which hasn’t scored a single goal so far, will need a big win over Germany. Let’s face it, that’s not possible.

If Germany were to qualify early and then withdraw their key players, the upset scenario could work. However, Germany’s early progression to the round of 16 would mean South Korea’s ‘demise’. The list of unrealistic scenarios is long. 먹튀검증

That’s why the game against Morocco was so important, but South Korea attempted 14 shots on goal and failed to record a single one on target. It was an inexcusable sloppy performance and a complete rout.

Four years ago, the team overcame a three-game sweep at the World Cup in France and were confidently aiming for the quarterfinals. Unfortunately, the tragedy of four years ago could very well repeat itself in Australia. The Australian disaster. It could even be the first World Cup without a single goal.

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