‘Four-week vacation’ coach Klinsmann, here he is…at some party in Germany.

National team coach Jürgen Klinsmann and national team GK coach Andreas Köpke used their vacation time to attend a special event in their native Germany.

They appeared at a gathering of members of Germany’s 1990 World Cup victory in Italy.

Recently, Germany’s Bild magazine published a photo of the Italian World Cup winners at a hotel in the German state of Bavaria, of which Munich is a part, where they “celebrated a glittering reunion.” The group included coaches Klinsmann and Köppke.

West Germany, then a divided nation, beat England on penalties in the semifinals of the World Cup in Italy and then faced defending champions Argentina in the final for the second straight tournament, winning 1-0 on a penalty kick from Lothar Matthäus to lift the trophy 26 years after the 1974 World Cup in West Germany.

In that tournament, Klinsmann was the starting striker and Köpke the backup goalkeeper. Bild reported, “Nineteen of the 22 (starters) showed up in glorious weather. Three players – Bodo Ilgner, Jürken Koehler, and Günter Hermann – were nowhere to be seen,” he said, “and coach Franz Beckenbauer was not present.”

Beckenbauer’s wife, Heidi Beckenbauer, explained that Beckenbauer was “unfortunately unable to attend due to ill health.”

Klinsmann was granted a leave of absence after the national team’s two exhibition matches against Peru (0-1 loss) and El Salvador (1-1 draw) on Sept. 16 and 20, respectively, which included a lengthy 90-minute press conference. 토토사이트

Klinsmann, who arrived in South Korea in March, failed to secure a win in last month’s A-match against Colombia (2-2 draw) and Uruguay (1-2 loss), breaking the record for the most games without a win by a foreign coach since taking over (previously held by Gus Hiddink with two draws and one loss).

Klinsmann, who came to Korea with the promise of living in the country, has since been granted a four-week vacation. His home is in California, USA, but he recently traveled to Germany to attend the 33rd anniversary of the World Cup victory.

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