‘Foreign FW on the rise’ Ansan Greeners aim for ‘first consecutive win + first away win’

The joy of victory that Ansan Greeners found again is going to continue on the Busan I-Park expedition.

Ansan will play an away game in the 10th round of ‘Hana One Q K League 2 2023’ against Busan at 4:00 pm on the 29th at Busan Asiad Main Stadium.

Ansan, who had recently struggled with an undefeated streak of 5 consecutive league games (2 draws and 3 losses), managed to turn around with a 1-0 win against the Jeonnam Dragons in their home game in the last 9 rounds. Driven by this momentum, the first consecutive win and away win this season should be on a full-fledged upward trend.

It is encouraging that the foreign attack duo Thiago and Gabriel, who are the core of the power, are gradually reviving. The two players were substituted for Jeonnam Jeon and played a big role, and Gabriel scored the winning goal and ignited the upward trend. Thiago and Gabriel are doing their part regardless of selection and replacement. In terms of strategy diversification, Ansan is becoming a great force.

The same goes for friendly competition between domestic players. Kang Jun-mo started in the Jeonnam match and made an impressive performance with threatening shooting and movement. The internal competition pursued by coach Lim Jong-heon is also showing synergy. 먹튀검증

So is the defense. I found confidence with the scoreless victory over Jeonnam. Ansan’s tight and organized soccer is showing the light again. Continuing this flow, you must contribute to winning points.

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