First ‘racism’ discipline in the K League… Ulsan players ‘suspended and fined’

Professional soccer players who sparked controversy with racist remarks have been disciplined.
The Korean Football Association (KFA) held a punishment committee on the afternoon of Feb. 22 and imposed sanctions of 15 million won ($15,000) and a one-match suspension on Lee Myung-jae, Lee Kyu-sung, and Park Yong-woo of the K League 1’s Ulsan Hyundai for exchanging racist comments on social media.

The Ulsan club was also fined 30 million won for its management of the team. This is the first time in the 40-year history of the K League that a penalty committee has been held for racial discrimination (related article: “Southeast Asia” to a dark-skinned teammate… Ulsan players apologize for ‘racism’).

Racist conversation, even mentioning a Thai player’s name

Ulsan won their 2023 K League 1 match against Jeju United 5-1 on Oct. 10. Lee Kyu-sung praised Lee Myung-jae’s performance on social media, writing, “Southeast Asian quarterback is solid.” Lee compared Lee Myung-jae, who has a dark skin color, to a Southeast Asian player.

Soon after, Ulsan captain Jung Seung-hyun praised Lee as “amazing,” and this time, Lee Myung-jae replied to Jung Seung-hyun, “It’s because of you. Asian quarter” and teased that Jung Seung-hyun, who has a similar skin color to him, is also a Southeast Asian player. 토토사이트

Park Yong-woo then commented, “Sasalak form crazy,” in response to Lee Myung-jae. He even brought up Sasalak Hyprakorn, a Thai international defender who used to play for Jeonbuk Hyundai.

Football fans criticized the comments as racist, and Jeonbuk, the club where Sasalak played, responded on their official social media with the words “NO ROOM FOR RASICM” and “Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors FC is against racism.” The players deleted the comments.

The players deleted the post and comments, but as the controversy spread, Park Yong-woo eventually posted an apology.

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