“Experience only makes you stronger” Lampard wants a quick comeback

Coach Frank Lampard wants a quick comeback.

The British media ‘The Sun’ reported on the 25th (Korean time), “Director Frank Lampard, who was sacked from Everton, said that Everton’s nightmare would make him stronger.”

Lampard, a world-class player, walked the path of a leader after retiring from active play. However, looking at the situation so far, it is difficult to attribute it to his success. This is because he was sacked from Chelsea and Everton in succession.

Recently, Everton sacked Lampard as the team fell into a crisis, such as falling into the relegation zone. However, coach Lampard has no intention of collapsing like this. 토토사이트 According to the media, coach Lampard wants a quick comeback.

A source said: “Coach Lampard was devastated by what was going on at Everton. He loved Everton and he loved the fans. He worked tirelessly to achieve his goal. He admits he is lacking, but at the same time he thinks his experience has only made him stronger as a manager.”

“He is 100% looking at his future. He will take a vacation and reflect, but he will want to return soon. Going abroad, such as Spain, the Netherlands, Germany and even the US, is attractive to Lampard. He thinks he needs a fresh start for a new setting.”

The source continued: “Coach Lampard started with a ton of baggage at his last two clubs, Chelsea and Everton. He wants to take the helm of clubs that have less problems off the pitch.”

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