‘European dream in progress’ Park Ji-soo, “European challenge to the shocking story of Kim Min-jae”

“I was shocked by Min-jae Kim’s story”. 

On the 2nd (hereinafter Korean time), when the 2023 Atlantic Cup Ulsan Hyundai and Brentford B team held in Algarve, Portugal, the national team defender Park Ji-soo visited the stadium. Park Ji-soo, who joined Portimonense near the Algarve, is preparing to play again.

Park Ji-soo joined Portimonense on the 26th of last month. Portimonense did not reveal the length of his contract, but according to local media, Park Ji-soo is known to have signed a contract for 1 year and 6 months until next summer.

As Park Ji-soo entered the Portuguese stage, Korean soccer has two center backs who play in major European leagues.

Park Ji-soo said, “Everyone, including the director, treats me comfortably. So he works harder. He joined during the season, so he has to work harder.”

The reason Park Ji-soo joined Europe was simple. It is because of the story of Kim Min-jae, who was on a winning streak in Serie A earlier. Returning to Italy after the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar, Kim Min-jae said, “Japan has a lot of European players, so it’s competitive. Actually, I don’t think there’s anything to compare with. To be honest, I envy Japan.”

Park Ji-soo, who heard Kim Min-jae’s story, was shocked. It made me dream of going to Europe again. Park Ji-soo said, “I gave up on financial things and entered Europe. After hearing Kim Min-jae’s story, he thought a lot. It was most important for Korean players to advance to Europe. His family also supported him and he ended up joining Portimonense,” he explained.

The idea of ​​going to Europe was clear. He said, “After coming to Europe, I think it is really difficult for an Asian central defender to survive. 토토사이트 I think I learned how great a player Kim Min-jae is. That’s why I’m doing my best,” he said. 

Park Ji-soo, of course, was very disappointed. This is because he missed the national team due to an injury ahead of the World Cup in Qatar. He was very disappointed because it was an injury that occurred shortly before his World Cup participation. However, coach Paulo Bento helped Park Ji-soo. It gave a positive evaluation based on his friendship with coach Portimonense.

Park Ji-soo said, “I am very grateful to Bento coach. The Walden Cup is a pity. It’s also really frustrating. However, he worked hard during his rehabilitation and is currently working so hard that his physical coach has stopped him. If you wait for a while, I will show you a good image.”

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