EPL teams targeting Kim Min-jae, narrowed down to ‘3 teams’… Anticipation of fierce competition

The English Premier League (EPL) teams targeting Kim Min-jae have been narrowed down to three teams.

Kim Min-jae is attracting attention as a player who will warm up the transfer market even before the transfer market opens. Kim Min-jae, who has performed outstandingly in Naples this season and expanded his range not only to Italian Serie A but also to all of Europe, has risen to a high-level center back, and transfer rumors are circulating even before the season is over. As there are not many good center back resources, it is news that many teams are aiming for Kim Min-jae.

EPL teams feel the same way. The EPL teams targeting Kim Min-jae have been narrowed down to three teams. England’s ‘Daily Mail’ said, “Manchester United, Liverpool, and Tottenham Hotspur are interested in Kim Min-jae.”

“When Kim Min-jae leaves Naples, he says he prefers to move to the EPL. Among them, Tottenham has an advantage in the competition to recruit Kim Min-jae due to the presence of fellow national team member Son Heung-min, but other teams have participated in the recruitment competition, so Kim Min-jae has a wider range of options.”

Man Utd’s interest in Kim Min-jae is famous. Manchester United, which is aiming for high results in the EPL and the European Football Federation (UEFA) Champions League (UCL) next season, is making efforts to reinforce its squad early on. Manchester United set Kim Min-jae, who is performing outstandingly this season, as a recruiting target, and dispatched a scout to see Kim Min-jae. In addition, the idea is to strengthen the defense by recruiting Kim Min-jae, as well as to solve the frontline problem by bringing in Harry Kane. 먹튀검증

Liverpool also have reasons to be interested in Kim Min-jae. Liverpool’s key centre-back, Virgil van Dijk, is aging and is not as good as before. In his prime, Van Dijk was a player equipped with both defensive and build-up skills, so Liverpool decided they needed a similar type of player to fill Van Dijk’s long-term void. Kim Min-jae also emerged as a target for Liverpool with both defensive and build-up skills.

Tottenham also urgently needs to strengthen their defense. Tottenham have been criticized for their unstable defense throughout the season. It is only natural to be linked with a great defender like Kim Min-jae. However, it is questionable whether Tottenham can beat Manchester United or Liverpool in the scouting competition.

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