“Edgar’s erased knuckle X Lee Kwang-yeon’s good defense show” Daegu-Gangwon right heavy blood battle 0 for 0

“We have more positive tension than stress about the standings.”

Choi Won-kwon, the head coach of Daegu FC, smiled slightly when asked about their ranking ahead of their home match against Gangwon FC in the 22nd round of the Hana OneQ K League 1 2023 at DGB Daegu Bank Park on Nov. 11 at 7 p.m. KST. Daegu enjoyed its highest ranking of the season, a surprise fourth place, after a thrilling 2-1 come-from-behind victory away to Jeju on July 7. “I hope to be in this position at the end of the season,” Choi said. The next day, Jeonbuk dropped to fifth with a win over Seoul, but can still climb back up to third if they beat 11th-ranked Gangwon. “Twice this season, we’ve had the opportunity to win back-to-back games and move up, but it doesn’t always work out if you talk about it in advance, so we’re just thinking about it,” Choi said. “The mid-table battle is not easy,” Choi said. I don’t think the ‘size’ will come out until the end of August,” Choi said, adding, “Right now, we’re just a little bit above because of luck, 토토사이트 but Gangwon is not a weak team by any means. I don’t think they are below us. I only told the players, ‘Let’s be humble and play our soccer’.” Yoon Jung-hwan, who has yet to taste three points since taking over as Gangwon’s fireman, also made it clear that he will not back down against Daegu. “Football doesn’t change in a week or two, and it doesn’t happen at will,” he said, but his eyes shone as he added, “I really want to win before the summer break.”

In a match where both teams needed three points, Daegu and Gangwon were unable to settle the score in a rainy affair. The score was 0-0.


-Daegu: Oh Seung-hoon (GK) / Kim Kang-san / Cho Jin-woo / Kim Jin-hyuk / Hong Chul / Lee Jin-yong / Go Jae-hyun / Hwang Jae-won / Vasellus / Sejingya / Edgar

Gangwon: Lee Kwang-yeon (GK)/Kim Young-bin-Tuchi-Kim Woo-seok/Lim Chang-woo-Alibayev-Korea-Young-Yoon-Seok-young/Yang Hyun-joon-Park Sang-hyuk-Galego

First half

The first half was a heated affair as heavy rain poured down. Gangwon Province, which drew 1-1 with Gwangju in the previous match, and Daegu, which won 2-1 with a thrilling 44th-minute comeback goal in Jeju, were also in high spirits. No. 11 Gangwon Province, winless in 11 games (4 draws and 7 losses), and No. 5 Daegu, who “don’t lose on the big stage,” also had a clear reason to win. To stop the ‘Brazilian trio’ of Cezinga, Edgar, and Vaselus, Gangwon head coach Yoon Jung-hwan fielded a back five. Daegu responded with their usual back five. In the 15th minute, Alabayev’s mid-range shot was saved by Oh Seung-hoon. 19th minute, Yang Hyun-joon’s foul gave Sejingya a free kick, but Cho Jin-woo’s left-footed shot went wide.

30th minute, Sejingya’s winding kick was saved by Gangwon goalkeeper Lee Kwang-yeon. 34th minute, Gallego’s fierce shot flew into the arms of Oh Seung-hoon. Lim Chang-woo’s low cross beat Oh Seung-hoon, but Kim Jin-hyuk desperately cleared it away to avert the danger. The first half ended 0-0 between the backs. Gangwon had five shots, three on target, and Daegu had three shots, one on target.

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