Director Jo Sang-hyun of the not-excited ‘Bold Beginner’ “It’s still just a process, I won’t settle down”

Changwon LG failed to step on the playoff (PO) stage for three consecutive seasons from the 2019-2020 season to the 2021-2022 season. If you expand the scope more, it is all about entering the PO once during the 7 seasons from the 2015-2016 season to the last season. As a result, the image of a mid-lower team was solidified. 스포츠토토

In April of last year, Jo Sang-hyun (47) was appointed as head coach and made a fresh start, but the prospects for this season were not very bright. This is because there was not much change in power compared to last season, which finished in 7th place (24 wins and 30 losses). He has the experience of leading the national team, but it is true that coach Cho also had a question mark because it was the first time that a team had a long-term race with a 54-game system.

However, Cho completely dispelled the concerns. After finishing the first round of the regular league this season with 4 wins and 4 losses, LG cruised to 13 wins and 8 losses from the second round, finishing the first half in second place (17 wins and 12 losses). The team’s average score in the first half was only 9th (79.24 points), and no player was listed in the top 10 in scoring rankings. However, he played ‘winning basketball’ with a strong defense. The solid defense that recorded the least points (76.03 points) shone. In particular, the league’s lowest average run rate of 18.75 points in the 4th quarter is an aspect that shows the changed back.

Coach Cho helped the players maximize their strengths. He has excellent speed and attack power, but he treats Lee Kwan-hee, who has a strong personality, harshly, allowing him to melt into his team’s tactics. Director Cho also acknowledged, “There was an aspect in which I treated the captain (Lee) Kwan-hee harshly.” Lee Kwan-hee also expressed his gratitude for his recent rise, saying, “It’s all thanks to Director Cho.”

Lee Seung-woo, who stood out last season, had to digest the D-League until he fully understood the team’s defensive tactics, and gave chances to players who trained diligently, such as Jung In-deok, somehow. He also emphasized ‘team play’ by constantly talking with foreign player Asem Marey, who often expressed dissatisfaction with the judgment. 스포츠토토 That’s how LG was reborn as ‘one team’.

However, Director Joe doesn’t look excited at all. Even during the All-Star break, he plans to watch D-League games in person and find resources that can be used in actual matches. You can get a glimpse of his passion that is seldom satisfied. Looking back on the first half, coach Cho said, “At first, I was half excited and half worried. I still think it is a process,” he said. “I received good evaluations in the first half, but I can say that I have achieved good results only when I receive the same evaluation when all six rounds are over. I will not settle down and prepare well.”

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