Diablo 4, “25 hours to reach level 50… from nightmare stage to end content”

Blizzard’s action RPG ‘Diablo 4’ held an open beta last month in anticipation of fans.

At the time of the open beta, you could enjoy only the basic content along with the beginning of the game, but at the time of the official service, you will be able to meet in-depth growth content.

When you complete the story, you challenge the ‘Best Dungeon’ and when you complete it, the ‘World Stage’ similar to the previous game’s difficulty control system is opened. The higher the level of the world, the higher the rewards of loot with powerful enemies.

In addition, you can develop your character in more detail based on the conqueror tree.

In addition to this, there are many end contents that can be enjoyed at the end of the story, such as ‘Nightmare Dungeon’, where you can change the way you attack with seals obtained while playing the game, and ‘Nightmare Whisper’, where you can hunt for bounty. preparedHere’s a Q&A with Diablo 4 developer, Associate Game Director Joseph Paipiora, and Senior Game Producer Kaley Kelder.

▲From left, Joseph Paipiora, Associate Game Director, and Caylee Kelder, Senior Game Producer

– Up to how many types of dungeon structures and shapes can be identified?
Joseph Pipeora = In the open beta, limited content was shown. In the official service, we plan to introduce many dungeons. Nightmare dungeons and seals will differentiate your dungeon experience. There is also a special dungeon where you can test your skills when changing world stages.

– How much time is needed until the time to enter the end content
? After reaching level 50, the endgame content begins in the nightmare stage. Each player will have a goal they want to achieve. In the next season, a new goal will be presented and a journey will be made to achieve it.

-Is it possible to only play certain content according to the player’s preference?
Kaylee Kelder = Whispers of the dead can obtain seal items that allow you to enjoy various nightmare dungeons. 카지노 A growth system has been prepared with a circulation structure in which you can obtain the pattern of the Conqueror system by clearing the Nightmare Dungeon. Some content can be enjoyed independently, such as ‘Hell Wave’.

– I’m curious about tradeable items.
Joseph Paipiora = ‘Elixir’ that gives bonus stats and rare items can be traded. Rare items become more powerful when imprinted with a legendary status. Legendary quality is not necessarily stronger than rare items, and some rare items can be more powerful than legendary. Rare items have potential.

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